Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seriously Skinny Jeans and a Cheap Trick

Jeans shopping is of the Devil. I'm certain of it. My own private version of Hell is stuck in a dressing room, forced to try on pair after pair of jeans, alternated with bathing suits, all the while listening to my own singing on the mall speakers (never have liked listening to or watching myself perform). Unfortunately, the button to a pair of jeans that I really loved broke off in the washer, leaving irreparable damage, and my back up pair were too short and too flared. They looked terrible, and made me look downright dumpy. No, thank you.

So, there I am, stuck in the mall, attempting to find a pair of jeans that don't suck. I wanted dark-rinsed straight-legged. No skinny jeans; I have jeggings, thank you. No bootcut--EVER! Nothing destroyed or deconstructed. Nothing with an elastic waist-band or pleating, and please, God, no camo. I just wanted some nice, normal, dark-rinsed, straight-legged jeans. Preferably something with a little detailing. That's all.

You would not believe how tall that order was, especially when I added that I needed them in my size. You'd have thought I'd asked for world peace and calorie-free chocolate! However, after an exhaustive search, I found one (1) pair that fit the bill. Here's a brief rundown of that Holy Grail of jeans.

I ended up with the Slender Secret Emily Straight Leg Jean by Lee, now $29.99, They had the color I wanted, in the straight leg style that I needed, so that, right there, was a plus. There were even little sparkles on the rear pockets, and I love anything that sparkles. What really sold me on these, though, was the "Slender Secret" part. The jeans were created with a stretch denim that acts like a body shaper. It sucks you in, and puts the curves in the right places. Fabulous. Even better, unlike a body shaper, these jeans are really comfortable. There's so much stretch to the fabric that your movement is completely uninhibited. To this fan of sitting cross-legged on the floor, that's a major selling point. There's also no gap in the back. I have a curvy figure with a tiny waist. Trying to find jeans that are big enough for the curves, but still fit in the waist has always been a challenge. These actually fit the bill.

Now, I haven't washed these jeans, yet (this is the first time I've worn them, actually), so they're still a little fresh-from-the-store looking. I prefer my jeans to look a little more lived in. I'm hoping, though, that after a couple of washes, they'll break in a bit. They're also a little higher in the waist than I'm used to. These are labled "lower on the waist". There are also "just below the waist" and "at the waist" styles. When I am standing up, these hit just below my belly button. I'm used to jeans that hit about an inch lower, so this is a new experience. My question, though, is if this is "lower", just how high up do these jeans go?

Final Verdict: They're not "Mom Jeans". Not by a long shot. They're also not for girls who enjoy wearing midriff shirts. These are somewhere in me.

Photo Credit: E.L.F.
Okay, I know I haven't done a Cheap Trick post in forever, so here you go. From now until February 13th (Sunday), you can pick up ten (10) free mineral eyeshadows with a $25 purchase at Normally, these shadows are $3 a piece, so that's a stellar deal, folks. The eyeshadows, themselves, are really nice, too. Sheer, ultra sparkly with minimal fallout, and easily blendable. I could ask for a little more pigmentation, but for $3 (or free, in this case), you can't go wrong. If you've been wanting to try some Spring brights (or my favorite, Caffeinated), now's your chance. The promo code is 10FREE.

Now, if you're trying to decide what to spend your $25 on...BRUSHES!! Elf has amazing brushes in the Studio line, and this the perfect time to stock up. Honestly, they're all I use. They're sleek black, professional looking, with soft, durable bristles. I would be lost without the "C" brush, personally. Also, do yourself a favor and get the artist's belt, too. It's great if you have limited counter space. Brushes are $3 each, and the belt is $15.

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