Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smashing, Darling!

Okay, so I heard about this little gem of a deal yesterday, and had to share it with you. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't.
Smashbox fans, there's a new deal (well, new to me, anyway) called Let's Do Lunch. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9am-2pm PST, if you buy anything from, you will receive a bonus, full-sized product. The product changes from day to day, and won't be announced until the deal starts. Tuesday's item was a Waterproof Shadow Liner in Blueprint, a shimmery indigo. In addition, you also receive one of three jumbo samples (your choice, about the size of a 100-point Sephora deluxe sample), and a bonus mini-sample. Plus, for some reason, when my order confirmation (of course, I ordered something!) came in, there was an extra freebie--a mini reflecting gloss! Basically, I racked up, and I couldn't wait to pass the deal on to you!
Alrighty, time for another dip into ye olde magic bag o' samples! (It still exists!) Today's sample: Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum. $32, Sephora. According to Sephora:
"Ideal for all skin types, this natural skin brightener is infused with Amazonian clay, vitamins, and tea extract to moisturize and replenish the skin. This healing clay completely neutralizes any negative skin condition so that you are left with a healthy, radiant complexion. Oily skin? Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place. Dry skin? This nourishing clay hydrates skin naturally to restore moisture so your makeup wears better, longer and truer. Suggested Usage: Use fingertips to apply a pearl-size amount alone or mix with your foundation."
According to me: Meh. Now, there are tons of 5-star reviews on Sephora, so maybe it's just me. I don't go out without a little foundation--at least, not during the Winter. Maybe during the Summer. If I'm going swimming. With my immediate family. At night. Otherwise, there's at least tinted moisturizer on this face. In other words, I didn't try it on bare skin. However, I did try to mix it with my foundation. I wear Benefit's Some Kind-A Gorgeous, which is a very sheer pancake formula, over Benefit's That Gal brightening primer. I couldn't really scoop some of the pancake makeup out and blend the liquid illuminator into it, so I applied as usual (with a little sponge), then smoothed the illuminator on top.
There may have been a slight difference in luminosity, or perhaps it was wishful thinking. The product is a thin liquid makeup. It's a nude shade with a lot of shimmer. However, the shimmer I saw left on my hands didn't seem to make it onto my face. Normally I would use a product like this very sparingly, to keep from looking greasy. Not this time. I was piling it on, trying to see any difference. Again, practically nothing. I mean, I don't have too much trouble with dry skin (the insane humidity around here takes care of that), but I expected more than the practically non-existent results I was seeing. By the time I finished my makeup, including powder and bronzer, I might as well have skipped the illuminator altogether.
Tonight, after I take off my makeup, I'm going to apply this to my bare face, to see if it does anything for me, so expect a review on that. As for using it on a face full of makeup? Don't bother. It's a waste of money when you can achieve a higher level of luminosity with a slightly shimmery mineral powder
Final Verdict: If you wear makeup, you don't need this.

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  1. You know Kevin is going to kill you for making me aware of more makeup deals, right?


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