Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Wash My Hands Of This! Tresemme Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo

Sunday mornings are rough. I sing the 8 am Mass at Church, which means I have to be there by 7:30, which, in turn, means I have to get up at 6:30. AM. And that's if I've already laid out my clothes and gotten a shower the night before. 6:30 is, literally, the latest I can sleep and still be out the door by 7:15.
I usually get up around 6:45. Oops.

There is absolutely no way I can get a shower and wash and dry my hair, plus do my makeup, PLUS have time to put on clothing in 30 minutes. Ain't no way, ain't no how. At the same time, I have to stand up in front of people who are perfectly polished and coiffed (they had more time!), so I need to look at least somewhat nice. What's a girl to do?
Well, this girl, out of desperation, grabbed the only waterless shampoo Walgreen's had to offer: Tresemme Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo for Dry/Curly to Normal Hair ($5.49, I don't have curls a'bouncin', but I do have wavy, color-treated hair that can be a bit dry, so I hoped this would work.
Funny thing about hope: it springs eternal, and yet, I learned to abandon all with this product. It, to put it bluntly, sucks.
Before I begin, let's see what Tresemme has to say: "Give curls moisture and shine in-between washes with this unique foam shampoo. Reduces oil and odor without water, leaving hair feeling soft and clean."
Okay, here's how this went down: I brushed my hair, then applied two or three squirts of the mousse-like foam to my roots and spread to the ends. I waited a minute, then towel-dried my hair. All of this is exactly as the product directions advise.
The Good: My hair immediately felt cleaner and smelled fresh. After a quick blow-dry (about two minutes), my hair was touchably soft and bouncy, and I was good to go.
The Bad: Within a couple of hours, my hair was completely lifeless. The volume left by the hair dryer had fallen flat, and all the oil and dirt that I thought had been absorbed was back...with a vengeance! I felt scuzzy and disgusting, and couldn't wait to get home and shampoo for real. Honestly, my hair felt dirtier than before I used the product.
Final Verdict: This "dry" shampoo's claims don't hold water. I'm hanging onto my bottle in case of an emergency, but will not buy again. I'm also keeping a ponytail holder in my purse at all times. Yuck. 1 out of 10.

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  1. ew. that's awful. my mom always talked about using baking soda as a last-ditch dry shampoo, but honestly, that sounds 100% awful as well.

    i guess there are no shortcuts in this life. sigh.


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