Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Monthly Gift You Can Actually Look Forward To

I have never joined the Columbia Music Club to get ten CDs for a penny. Kim Kardashian can keep her monthly shoe choice, and please, for the love of God, don't sign me up for the Jelly of the Month Club. I have enough bills to deal with that the last thing I need to do is add another one to the pile. That said, were I to do just that, Jewelmint is the club I'd have to join.
Now, I blame Facebook for this. Had I not felt the need to find out what random activities people I don't know were up to, I never would have seen the ad on the side of the page. Also, had they not worded the ad to make me think the sparklies in the picture were, in reality, candy, I never would have clicked on it. I mean, I like candy, and I like sparklies, so sparkly candy would be awesome, right? Well, I think it would.
Anyway, sad to say, there is no candy on the site. I know, it's a bummer. Instead, this is a site for an accessory of the month club; a really good accessory of the month club.
Actress Kate Bosworth teamed up with stylist Cher Coulter to bring us a completely customized shopping experience. I have to admit, it's pretty cool. Here's how it works:
  • You sign up (took 30 seconds, if that). Name, email, and password of your choice.
  • They present you with a series of questions about your personal style. You pick the picture or word that best answers each question. It's fun, a little silly, and good timewaster. I'd guess it took about five minutes to complete the quiz.
  • They present you with your result (I'm classic, refined, elegant, and sophisticated. I "dress to impress". Yeah, I'll go with that). If you like the result, press continue. If you don't, take the quiz again.
  • When you like your result, you'll continue on to your showroom, where personalized, exclusive jewelry picks are waiting for you. You can save favorites (and tell them why you like the pieces), view styling tips, learn the inspiration for each piece, and even get suggestions on where to wear them.
  • Lastly, you can either purchase a piece for $29.99, or opt to skip the month and be charged nothing. Easy peasy.
There's no charge until you make your first purchase, and after that, you have until the 5th of each month to pass. If you miss the pass date, that's okay. You'll be charged, but you can hang onto that credit until you find something you do like. There's also an option to share the site with friends, and earn a free piece of jewelry with each referral who makes a purchase. On top of all that, shipping is free. In my opinion, this is a fantastic deal.
Oh, in case you're wondering, the jewelry is absolutely gorgeous. Some pieces are very elegant, others more bohemian or modern, but all are unique. I've got my eye on a couple of pieces right now. If I ever find myself with some extra spending money, there's a layered gold chain set with my name on it. It'll look amazing with t-shirts.

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