Thursday, March 24, 2011

Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer!

I'm printing out some headshots tonight, to send out with audition submissions. Because of that, I've spent today picking out which I liked, procuring the print release from the awesome photographer (thanks, Felicia! My profile pic is her work, by the way), and staring at myself for way longer than I'd like to admit. You see, photography fascinates me. No, I don't mean vacation photos, pics of you in the mirror (taken with your phone), or that great shot of Aunt Ethel with her head cut off and your thumb in front of the lens. If I wanted that, I'd look at my own facebook albums, thank you. I mean real photography. The kind with tripods, lights, reflectors, and cameras that cost more than my college tuition.

As a singer/actor/whatever, I've had a few opportunities to participate in photo shoots, and see how these artists can transform awkward, non-photogenic little old me into a movie star with some clever angles, fabulous lighting, talented makeup and hair artists, and good old-fashioned Photoshop. For example: some of our early promo shots for The Night Shift depicted my character and our lead actor, Khristian (as Rue Morgan), at night in front of a stone crypt, being stalked by the shadows of our major foes. Here's how they turned out:

Photo Credit (this and above): Fighting Owl Films
I'm particularly happy with the lighting on Khristian's. Mine's okay, but you can't see my hair, and the design was too cute (thanks, Jessica!). You'd never guess our photos were shot in my living room. Seriously. The background was shot at an actual cemetery, but in broad daylight. The stones were darkened up and the shadows created in Photoshop. Ah, the magic of movies!

Since we're on the topic of press and movies (nice segue, that one), Thomas and I will be interviewed on Zombie Popcorn next week! It's a video podcast, and will tape around 6pm Central on Saturday, April 2nd. We'll be discussing The Night Shift and all the fun and highjinks that went along with creating it. We'd love it if you all tuned in! Have a great weekend!

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