Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trending Topic: Spring Makeup

Nordstrom recently assembled a panel of beauty experts to let all of us little people know what's going to be hot for Spring '11. Their predictions: bright, bold lips, shimmering eyelids, and nails that go from work to play. 
The big tip that came from the panel was the "statement lip". If you focus on the aforementioned bright, bold lip, you can go easy on the makeup for the rest of your face and save a few minutes getting ready for work. Funny, I seem to recall mentioning that very tip back in October. Hmmmm... 
According to Rick DiCecca of Estée Lauder, "You don't have to choose a full-on opaque bright, try a stain, gloss or even a sheer lipstick." Stick with colors in the coral, pink, and tangerine families for an on-trend look, and keep the rest of your face neutral. Easy peasy, and perfect for the pool! Nordstrom's pick for the best statement lip: MAC Cosmetics Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Insanely It. $14.50.
Other top picks were Laura Mericer Baked Eye Color ($22.00), for a sheer, buildable, iridescent eye. For nails, Dior Vernis Rock Top Coat can be applied over existing nailpolish, to take it from sweet to sexy. It's a sheer gunmetal gray topcoat that adds a deliciously rocker-chic touch to any going-out look. No word on price, yet, but look for it to hit shelves in April.
On a budget? I suggest checking out e.l.f. for their Mineral Lipstick in Cool Coral for a citrusy pout ($5.00), Mineral Eyeshadow in Dreamy (turquoise) or Flirty (lavender) for sparkly lids ($3.00 each), and Nail Polish in Metal Madness for and edgy mani-pedi (one whole dollar).

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  1. i did spring for a really fun new nail color - MAC "formidable!" it's basically plum, but with a big swirl of purple, blue and green glitter through it. it's amazing and totally rock-star. i also like MAC "rain of flowers," which is basically indigo with purple glitter.

    i kinda miss that turquoise i used to rock in tenth grade, though. haven't been able to find a good match for it since...


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