Monday, March 21, 2011

A Whole New Meaning to "To Go"

Coffee...cofffffeeeeeee!!! If anyone out there has a caffeinated I.V., I'd love to borrow it for a bit.

I'm a coffee addict (see my profile to the right). I have about four years experience as a barista in two different shops, my own espresso machine, a keurig I've all but named, and a Starbucks gold card. It's rare to see me without one of those little white paper cups in hand. That's why, when I saw this, I let out an audible squeal, frightened my co-workers, and knew I had to share it with you.

Before I show it to you, let me clarify that I have not tried this product. I can not testify as to how well it works, or if it even works at all. However, should it actually do what it says, I want one. And a bike pump.

And now, ladies and gents, I give you...the Airspresso!!!

Photo Credit: My Cuppa

Yes, folks, this is a bike pump-powered espresso maker, and can be yours for only $180.91! It's lightweight, portable, and meant for travelers with discriminating tastes. I could see Josh Gates bringing this along on his next exploration. Perhaps he could share a shot with the Yeti.

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  1. haha - love it. 'course, to me, half the value of all this espresso is that the nice guys at starbucks (and weirdly, they are almost all guys, even though i frequent four different starbucks locations) make it for me.


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