Friday, June 10, 2011

The Swan-Cullen Affair

I thought we'd already had the wedding of the year. I thought we were done with all that nonsense. I thought wrong.

It seems I may have jumped the gun when I put away the rice and tin cans. I'd totally forgotten that 2011 played host to not just Kate and Wills big day, but also that of current pop culture "it" couple, Edward and Bella. How silly of me. My apologies...

Even worse, it appears I'm the only blogger on the planet who isn't just falling over themselves to pick apart every single eensy-weensy leaked detail of Belward's (Edwella? Edla?) impending nuptials. I mean, it's not that I don't care. It's just that...well, look at that. It is that I don't care. How 'bout that?

Honestly, I am on neutral ground as far as Twilight is concerned. My best friend adores it. My husband did a tribal dance in the living room to make the DVD go away. Personally, I don't have an opinion (well, I do have one opinion that involves sparkly vampires, but I think I'll keep it to myself). I do, however, have a blog with that's vaguely pop culture related. With that, I give you:

*but were afraid to ask

Photo Credit: MTV
Let's start with the invitations. The happy couple--oh, who are we kidding, here? The prop department selected a simple white and silver design with silver-toned engraving, minor embellishment, and a bold wax seal. This would suggest a silver and white color scheme for the wedding--with perhaps a touch of color--and a more traditional tone overall. It should also be noted that the decoration echoes the style of Bella's wedding hair adornment, which will be discussed later. The wording, which clearly states that the couple are throwing the wedding, mentions their families, but omits any mention of their names. This indicates that the couple may be chipping in on the cost of the wedding, but can also suggest a familial rift, and that perhaps the parents aren't entirely thrilled with the wedding at hand.

Photo Credit: Shine
 Next on the list: jewelry. I already mentioned Bella's hairpiece. Well, here's a picture of it (top right). It appears to be a vintage or vintage-inspired crystal filigree comb. The piece holds a traditional white veil, and seems to be placed in a low bun-hairstyle with braid detail for a classic and elegant bridal look.

The engagement ring (bottom right) was revealed earlier in Eclipse, but bears mentioning here because, not only is it a prominent piece of the bridal ensemble, but it's also available for purchase. You've got to love marketing, right? A cute, inexpensive replica is available here, and hopeful girlfriends can point their beloveds here for the real-deal diamond version.

Photo Credit: Gather

Bella's makeup is another hot topic for discussion. Gather reports that the bride will display a natural, relaxed look for the big day--one that would be equally appropriate with either a bridal gown or blue jeans. Ms. Swan will sport what appears to be a smudged steel gray eye, naturally-flushed cheeks, and a pinkish-nude lip.

Photo Credit: Celebrity Wedding Blog
The ceremony, itself, appears to be an outdoor affair (remember--sunlight only makes these vamps sparkle, and what bride wouldn't want a little extra bling on her big day?), bedecked with blossoms. The vow exchange will take place beneath a floral archway, and enormous sprays line the aisle. I can only assume Allegra will be handed out with the champagne.

So, there you have it. That's pretty much all the information I could find on the Breaking Dawn wedding. If you're interested in a Twilight-themed reception of your very own, here is a lovely article with some fabulous pictures. When done right, it makes for a gorgeous atmosphere, believe it or not. Alright. I'm done. If you need me, I'll be watching Buffy.

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  1. you have the patience of a saint to go this far into the twilight thing. when i read that the most popular baby names were isabella and jacob that one year, i was convinced that it was the end of the empire. sigh.


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