Friday, June 3, 2011

Red Face, Black Dress

Photo Credit: NewlyMaid
Maawage is what bwings us toogever today. It's also what drives seemingly normal women off of veritable cliffs of insanity over things like table linens and floral arrangements, and causes them to view rhinestone encrusted stretch satin as a viable fashion option. But I've said this before.

The cliche of the ugly bridesmaid's dress is a cliche for a reason: it's the rule, not the exception. Right now, I'm singing for, literally, a wedding a week (Yay! Money!), and ratio of good vs. downright evil gowns is in an extreme tilt to the dark side. Now, in the past, ugly bridesmaid's dresses have been relegated to Halloween costume fodder, thrift store stock, or simply banished to the netheregions of the closet. Now, I'm happy to report, that doesn't have to be the case.

NewlyMaid is a online dress shop with a unique purpose: trade in your old gown for a new little black dress. The process is simple. Sign up, request a pre-paid mailer, and send in your dress. Once it's been approved (there are guidelines on the site), you'll receive an email with your special pricing, and can pick out and order a dress from NewlyMaid's selection of LBDs. Your bridesmaid's dress will either be recycled or donated to charity.

Please note, I didn't say that you get a free dress. You receive "special pricing" on the dress of your choice. There are currently six dresses available, ranging in price from $165-$200. Once you've submitted a gown, the prices are discounted about $70-$75. It's not a free treat, but it definitely takes some of the sting out of an embarrassing situation.

*Don't forget about the Adorable Napalm CHALLENGE! Comment on yesterday's post (by noon today) with styling ideas for my LBD, and win a cheesy graphic, handmade by little ol' me! 
**UPDATE! The contest is over, and the winner is Magnolia!! Her prize will be sent to her shortly. I'm sure she's just bursting with anticipation...

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  1. i swear. if i ever do the wedding thing again, the girls wear whatever they want in the given color. any shade, any cut, anything that makes them feel amazing. life's too short to be hateful to your friends.


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