Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aren't Starlets Supposed to Be Crazy?

I've hit the wall, guys. Between getting up extra early for publicity interviews, going to bed late because we're working on something cool and movie-related that I can't divulge just yet, checking the Internet for misinformation about the screening (gee, I had no idea the movie was a 96-minute French Drama?), and calming down the people who read the incorrect information and got nervous (and, in some cases, angry), I'm a wreck. Totally at the end of my rope. Then, on top of that, Dew Drop Hamburger Day at work was postponed (if you've ever tasted a Dew Drop Inn hamburger, you understand that this is a travesty of epic proportions). This is not a good day.

Actually, it's a pretty lousy week. Father's Day is Sunday, and it's followed by the tenth anniversary of my Dad's passing on Friday. I'm definitely a Daddy's girl, so it's a veritable one-two punch to my already strained emotions. Not asking for pity; just explaining my state of mind at the moment.

So, what's a stressed-out, teary-eyed, slightly homicidal girl to do? Why, plan what she's going to wear to her movie premiere, of course! If I'm going to be crazy, I'm at least going to look good when they strap me into the straight jacket.

I'm a bargain shopper, so please excuse the craptastic quality of these photos. Nothing I'm wearing is available online, so all pics came off of my lovely little Droid, and were taken in my room. It is messy. Don't judge me.

This is a lucky find, if there ever was one. You see, I was planning to wear a different dress. It was super-cute, black and white with sleeves, and very 1960s. Then we decided to have an outdoor reception following the screening, and it's approximately 3,000 degrees in the shade down here in the ninth circ--I mean, deep South. I needed something sleeveless, and I needed it fast. It also had to be appropriate for 11:00 in the morning, which is when the film is scheduled to run. That's a bit of a tall order.

So, with zero time and even less money, I hit good old Ross Dress for Less, hoping against hope they would have something--anything--workable. The one I frequent regularly carries brands like Calvin Klein and Steve Madden, so odds were, at least, in my favor.

After about two minutes of looking, I found this gorgeous Nic & Dom dress (above left). There was only one, and it fit like it was made for me. I paid the nice cashier, and walked out with a designer dress for $16.99. A similar dress on an online discount site goes for the Nigerian equivalent of roughly $48. All in all, not a bad deal. Here's a detail shot (to the right) of the floral work on the bodice. The colors are a muted lavendar gray and matte silver lilac. 
Of course, you can't go barefoot to something like this (though I may kick off the heels if I sink into the grass too much at the reception). This is where I found my coup purchase of the outing. Guess platform stilettos in a gorgeous violet-tinted pewter. I don't want to bring up the horror that was Burlesque again, but I really did dream about these shoes. Regular price: $98. My price: $32.99. I win. I'll also accessorize with vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry, lavendar-hued makeup tones, and the coolest nailpolish I've seen in a while. If you're going, go all out. It's from Sephora by OPI, and called "It's Bouquet With Me". Sephora describes it as sheer violet with silver and holographic chunky glitter. I just call it cool beans on a stick. It's priced at $9.50, and available at Sephora.

(Left: Guess shoe. Right: Nailpolish--photo credit: Sephora)

I hope to take some pictures at the actual premiere, and if I look cute in any of them, I'll post 'em here. I'm entirely non-photogenic, so don't hold your breath. Have a great afternoon. I'm going to go try to calm down.

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  1. that dress is GORGEOUS. and incidentally, the man totally has 7,500 naira in his wallet right now. no joke. too bad it's sold out; i could've paid them cash for it...


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