Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let the Blogging Takeover Begin!!

Photo Credit: MAC Cosmetics
Beauty Bloggers, the Future is NOW! Gone are the days of just spouting off opinions! Here, today, the blogosphere is taking over and actually creating the makeup products of tomor--I mean, tod--that, actually, yesterday. Huh.

Let me start over. Yesterday saw the launch of a limited edition line of MAC cosmetics, completely created by beauty bloggers. Nine very in-the-know ladies worked with the makeup juggernaut to come up with nine on-trend products that are available, like the blogs that inspired them, exclusively online.

Four eyeshadows and five lipglasses make up the Blogger' Obsessions collection, and range from baby pinks and sparkly neutrals on to vibrant greens and audacious purples. For complete lists of colors and swatches, check out this blog or this blog by two of the talented chosen nine.

All items are $14.50, and right now, you can get free shipping with the code BLOGS. Hurry, though; one eyeshadow has already sold out!!

P.S. I ordered the eyeshadow Hocus Pocus, and the lipglass Sonoran Rain. I'll have a full review of each when they come in.

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