Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lip Gloss On the Half-Shell

Photo Credit (This and All): DuWop
Summer is a great time to add a little color to your makeup routine, and DuWop has a new line out that makes it even more fun. Regardless of your feelings about the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise (I'm a fan, but that's not important), the colors and textures of the new Isla Sirena collection are sure to raise your main sail on the starboard side and swab the deck while walking the plank and...something something matey...yo ho! Saavy?

The collection is divided into three distinct looks: Mermaid (iridescent pastels and water colors), Pirate (smoky, sexy, bold tones), and Treasure (jewel tones and golds). The line includes a rotating compass-styled palette, with nine eye shadows, three gel eye liners, and three lip tints. Separately, lip, eye, and cheek duals are available in swashbuckling shades such as Relic, Mystic Waters, and Rogue, and come housed in stunning antique gold sea shell compacts. The line is rounded out with a trio of lip glosses, or Caribbean Iced Teas in Mint Mojito, Butter Rum, and Ruby Grapefruit. Prices run from $19 to $39, DuWop.

Note: I have not tried these products. This is not a review. I'm simply alerting you to the line's existence because I thought it was too freaking cute not to. Alright. End of note. Carry on.

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