Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last Dance, Last Chance

Photo Credit: MAC Cosmetics Internet's out. Cable, too. The modem, apparently, is about as dead as John Cleese's parakeet. This is especially annoying, because Thomas and I were planning to video-on-demand (can you use that as a verb? Well, I just did) Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, since it's not available on Redbox or Netflix, yet. I even tried one of the last brick-and-mortar Blockbusters in town, and they were out. I'm about to have to go out and buy the darn thing, because we really want to see this movie. Thomas and I once shared an X-Box with Brandon Routh (long story that involves Galaxy Quest, Twihards, and a farce-like quest for a gift bag), and he was just lovely; really sweet, polite, down-to-Earth guy. Since then, we've watched everything he's done, in hopes that our support will help him get more work. He's a very underrated actor, and I enjoyed Superman Returns, and to this day proclaim that it wasn't his fault...but I digress.

My point, is that I'm on borrowed time, here, so my ability to research has been somewhat limited. Luckily, MAC dropped a happy little surprise into my inbox:


In case you missed it the first time, or your favorite product sold out before you could order, everything is back and in stock! Hop on this before they're gone again! Just to recap, these are products created by beauty bloggers, and are super on-trend.

I bought the Hocus Pocus eyeshadow and the Sonoran Rain lipglass. The Hocus Pocus is a sparkly, smoky gray with a greenish tinge, and it's my new go-to for a smoky eye. The Sonoran Rain is a very bright orangy-red with gold and silver shimmer. It's not for the faint of heart, but gorgeous all the same. Read my full reviews here (which also, funnily enough, contain bad Monty Python references. Hmmm....). All items are $14.50, and only available online. Now, get going!

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