Monday, July 25, 2011

Driving, Tunes, and Why I'll Never Be On a Game Show

Okay, I officially suck. I did get the pictures from my Disney trip, and they're really cute. They're just not on this computer, and I have no way of getting to them until later this evening. *headdesk* Soooo...I'll just leave you with an embarrassing story to tide you over until I can anti-climatically post the now over-hyped photos. Enjoy.

Thomas and I drove to Orlando. It's about an eight hour drive down some of the least scenic, most boring stretches of highway you could ever hope to never have to encounter. To pass the time, Thomas brought along his iPod, and we listened to some of the podcasts he'd been able to stockpile. When those ran out, he switched over to albums, and started to play some of the Doctor Who soundtrack. Out of utter boredom, I started trying to play "Name That Episode" with the score.

Me: Oh! That's the pirate episode!!
Thomas: No, it's the Titanic. I don't have any Matt Smith stuff on here, yet.
Me: Got ya. Okay. (Next song) Oh! Oh! Daleks in Mahattan!
Thomas: Empty Child.
Me: Shoot! Well, similar styles, I guess. (Next song) Is that something to do with cybermen?
Thomas: Erin, that's TRON...
Me:...oh...thought it sounded familiar...

So, not only do I suck at photos and Doctor Who trivia, but I apparently can't even tell the difference between Who and TRON. Turns out, though, that I'm not the only person mashing the two together. For your listening and viewing pleasure, I give you abstractvmilk's well-edited DW/TRON mash-up video. I'm especially impressed with the lip-sync. If you're not into either Who or TRON, don't worry! I'll have different stuff to play with tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe there'll even be some un-asked for, overly sold vacation photos.

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