Thursday, July 7, 2011

Those Are Phoenix Tears, Okay! *Sniff*

Photo Credit: The Guardian
This afternoon, London's Trafalgar Square was packed to the gills with fans, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the stars of the latest--and last--Harry Potter film. The red carpet premiere was a bittersweet cap to the series, leaving not just the fans, but the cast and crew, with lovely memories and not-so-lovely questions about what to do next.

Obviously, I wasn't there. I live in Alabama, for crying out loud. The premiere streamed on Facebook, but it started at the same time as my voice lesson, and I do have my priorities. Still, I'm a little sad over the end of an era--even one that I only just started to understand and enjoy.

There's a fantastic little chit chat with the producers and stars of the series over at The Guardian, and a neat interview with the Malfoy actors at ABC News. I'm going to go drown my sorrows in a nice Butterbeer, if you don't mind.
Photo Credit: The Associated Press
The Gang, Sans Harry, All Grown Up

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