Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boredom Buster: Design Your Own Makeup Palette

I know; I promised pictures and stories from my Disney World trip...I lied. Well, only partially. I have, like, a grand total of two decent pictures on my phone, and one of them is Thomas in a fez ('cause fezzes are cool). The rest of the pictures are on my mom's camera, and it's at her house, patiently awaiting download onto my computer tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll have stuff for you then. Key word: hopefully.

In the meantime, I ran across this little deal yesterday, and it's too good to pass up. Too Faced Cosmetics has an online exclusive: you can get one of their custom palettes (regular price, $35) for $17.50 right now, plus there's free shipping with the code travel until July 25th (which I totally missed, and am now kicking myself over).
Photo Credit: Too Faced Cosmetics

I love this palette. You get to pick a blush (pink, peach, or Sun Bunny bronzer), an eye shadow duo, and either a lip gloss, mascara, glitter eyeliner, or eye shadow primer. Then you get to customize the cover and add an optional gift message. I've been searching for some pretty pinks to break up my usual peach/bronze routine, so I opted for Pinch My Petals pink blush, Totally Toasted eye shadow duo (milk chocolate and toasted almond), and I Love Myself pink Mirror Mirror lip gloss. The cover is customized with a pink fishnet stocking background and black chandeliers, and inscribed with "Erin's Pink Palette". It's uber-girly, and completely awesome. Plus, the eye shadow alone would have run $17, so for fifty cents more, I got the blush and gloss to go with. Oh--they're also sending lipstick and lip plumper samples. It's a can't lose deal.

By the way, if you're stumped for what to put in your palette, I'd suggest Sun Bunny bronzer (it's my all-time favorite, and works great on all skin tones), George & Wheezy eye shadow (icy gold and bronze pearl), and a Lash Injection mascara. Those are great shimmery but natural colors for a glowy, polished look, and you can have it all in one place.

One more awesome thing, and then I promise to quit gushing. After I placed my order, I received a phone call from a rep at Too Faced. Seems they'd run out of the lip gloss I'd originally chosen, and rather than just randomly toss in a replacement (as so many other companies would), they called to see what I'd like in its place. That really says a lot about how they value their customers, and it's very much appreciated. $17.50, Too Faced.

**UPDATE! It appears that Too Faced has discontinued this palette. The items are still available, though, so stay tuned for a review of individual pieces. Thanks!

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  1. the fact that they called you personally means that i HAVE to do this.


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