Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hair Of the Dog--Er, Ghost

Author's Note: Before we go any further, please bear in mind that Thomas and I have made two films that were outright ghost stories. Together, we have lived in a haunted apartment, and before we were married, I lived in a haunted house. I have been chased by a shadow, watched objects fly across rooms, and seen the unexplainable. In other words: I am not a wuss.

I am not a wuss. That was the mantra I chanted continuously last night, as I lay awake in bed, thankful for the soft glow of the muted television. I am not a wuss, I firmly stated as I turned on every light in the bedroom so I could make my way to the bathroom. I am not a wuss, I defiantly screamed in my head as I curled up even closer to my sweet, loving, and now sleep deprived Thomas. I AM NOT A WUSS!!!

I am, clearly, a wuss.

I adore a good ghost story, so last night, Thomas and I rented The Woman In Black, starring Harry Potter, himself, Daniel Radcliffe. We'd seen the trailers and read the reviews, and both of us were under the impression that it was atmospheric and creepy, but not overly scary. It's PG-13, for crying out loud. How scary could it be?

I had to remind myself to breathe, that's how scary. Then, I looked over at Thomas, and all I could see was the top of his head and two little eyes peering out from beneath a blanket. Heck, even the puppy was completely invested. He only hopped out of my lap once during the movie, and that was only long enough to grab one of his stuffed animals. After that, he was right back on top of me, snuggling with Dinosaur, eyes wide as saucers as he stared intently at the screen. That, folks, is the very definition of "riveting".

Neither one of us slept last night. The puppy slept like a freaking log, but Thomas and I were both wide-eyed. Today, I have been determined to learn as much as possible about the movie, as well as the many other incarnations of the original story. To me, it seemed like taking another shot to fend off a hangover. Did you know that the original story was not a folktale, as I'd been told, but was actually written in 1983? Or, that there was a television movie made in 1989, starring the actor who played James Potter, in the same role as Daniel Radcliffe? There's even a West End stage play that's been running continuously since 1989! And you know what? They're all creepy as heck!! All I've done is scare myself more! Awesome...*sigh*

Maybe not all of my research is for naught, though? If you're into cosplay and have a spare $102.99, then have I got a kickin' costume for you. Just think of all the people you could freak out during panels!

Photo Credit: Milanoo

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