Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Polyvore Fantasyland: Poolside Princess

I'm really thinking about making this a new segment. Maybe not weekly, but every now and then. What do you guys think?

Anyhoo, Target has this really cute cover-up for $19.99. It's sheer, but offers enough coverage that you can wear it into a shop or through a theme park without feeling exposed. It's also dressier than most cover-ups, so it would be appropriate for a Mothers' Day cookout, or something like that, where you want to look a little nicer than if you'd just tossed on a t-shirt over your suit. Using that as inspiration, here's my suggestion for one way you could wear it. I thought a pop of one single color would work well with this black, white, and gray sundress.
Poolside Princess

Poolside Princess by adorablenapalm featuring a waterproof mascara

The swimsuit I chose for this look is from Old Navy (so, affordable! Yay!), and is a bright tomato red. I particularly liked the O-ring detail on both top and bottom. It's a little detail that adds a lot of sophistication.

If you're by the pool, you don't want to have to worry too much about ruining your shoes. These flip-flops from H&M will only set you back a few bucks (they're in pounds, here, but they're about the same here in the states, if you're lucky enough to have an H&M near you. I'm not. Oh, well...).

My go-to hairstyle, these days, is a low side-bun with a flower accessory. I sing a lot of weddings during the Spring and Summer months, and this is the easiest to throw together quickly. Added bonus: it doesn't matter if it frizzes or is a little messy; it still looks polished.

Whether you jump in the pool or lay out in the sun (slathered in sunscreen!), you don't want your makeup to run. Buxom's eyeshadow in Pug (gorgeous pewter cream shadow) won't budge, no matter what the humidity. Brush on a little waterproof CoverGirl mascara and slick on some Buxom Bora Bora lip balm, and you're good to go!

$18 - target.com

Old Navy halter swimwear

Old Navy halter swimwear

H&M flat heel shoes
£3.99 - hm.com

Hair clip accessory

Buxom waterproof eyeshadow
$17 - sephora.com

COVERGIRL waterproof mascara
$6 - covergirl.com

Buxom lip treatment
$15 - sephora.com

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