Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Audience Participation Time!

Question: How many of you subscribe to Glossybox? Any of you trying to figure out what to do with the boxes once you've unpacked the goodies? Bueller? Bueller?

The actual Glossyboxes are baby pink, high-quality, heavy-duty cardboard gift boxes with lids. Think of a photo box, and you've got the basic idea. These are not cheap boxes; in fact, a similar design at The Container Store will run you $9.99. In other words: I don't want to throw them out. That's like throwing away money, and that is just something I can not abide.

My current plan is to use the boxes as organizers. I've taken all my nail polishes out of the dump bag they were in, and replaced them--standing up--in one of the boxes, then set that box in a drawer. My other box is housing all of my small travel palettes and a few loose items that were floating around in another drawer.

Nail polish is almost sort of organized. Apparently, that red has given up on me...traitor.
All of my small travel palettes, plus some loose items and tools.
And here's that same box in it's new drawer home. Hmmm...maybe I could use another one for larger palettes...
My July box will probably end up...holding loose craft items, maybe? I need a sewing box, so that might work, for now? After that, I could store them to use as Christmas gift boxes, but then what? I don't have any photos to store, so...decoupage? Anyone up for an art project?

Seriously, I don't want to toss them out, so do you guys have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments, please, and maybe we can discuss them when the July box rolls around. Thanks!

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