Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dangerous Beauty: Disney Villains Designer Collection

A couple of years ago, MAC and Disney teamed up to create a line of villain-inspired cosmetics. The products themselves were very high-quality, and I happily snapped up a gorgeous Doctor Facilier lipgloss, but the effort was not without its flaws. Some of the products (including my lipgloss) were retreads, and the artwork was, frankly, a little disappointing--especially given the fact that both Disney and MAC are known for their artistry! Well, folks, Disney is trying it again this August, albeit, without the help of MAC.

This time around, we have the Disney Villains Designer Collection, consisting of a set of three lipglosses, a six-shade eyeshadow palette, a silver compact mirror, a six-piece nail polish set, a tote bag, journals, and a doll for each of the six featured characters.

I have not been able to test out any of the products, so I can't vouch for quality. All I can give you are my first impressions, based on photos of the products and packaging. Now, as you all know, I am a Disney fangirl of the highest order, and I adore a good villain. After all, what good is a hero if they have nothing to fight? So, it might come as a shock to you that I'm not thrilled with what I've seen.

For starters, the packaging looks shoddy. I know that packaging is superficial, and it's the product that really matters, but when the producer is freaking Disney, you expect a little more attention to detail. Plus, if the company--any company--doesn't care enough about the presentation, you have to wonder how much care went into the product. In the publicity photos I saw, there were tears and dents in the outer packaging. The lipgloss tubes are somewhat clumsy-looking, as well, and I'm not sure how long the designs will before chipping off.
Photo Credit: Chic Profile

My next concern is the quality of the product. Again, I've not tested any of these, but when I look at a photo of a nail polish and see that it is already starting to separate, it worries me. The prices aren't terribly expensive, but they're still high enough to cause me to expect more. Plus, the Disney name, in my opinion, requires better.

Photo Credit: Chic Profile
Lastly, I'm not digging all of the color choices. The nail polish shades are fine, and the lip glosses are decent, I guess (classic red, nude, and a weird purple color...okay...), but the eyeshadow palette is abysmal. If you're looking for single shadows, then this would probably work for you. If you're like me, though, and expect your palettes to yield a few complete looks, then you can probably skip this one. Brown, plum, green, orange, beige, and white don't really work all that well together, in my opinion.

Photo Credit: Chic Profile
Okay, now that all that nastiness is over, there are some really good things about this collection. The artwork is stunning. Just look at this gorgeous, stylized Ursula:

Photo Credit: Bella Sugar
This is what the MAC collection was missing. These sketches are artful, sexy, and make me want to smoke out my eyes and darken my lips. If you want to sell makeup, this is a darn good way to do it. I may have to add this compact to my makeup bag. As for the other stuff...try it out before making any decisions. I'm afraid that, like these villains, something rotten may be lurking beneath a beautiful exterior.
Photo Credit: Chic Profile

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