Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Good Old Days? A Rant

My friend Genna shared a blog that someone else shared with her (it's like the telephone game around here today, I swear). The blog is called Retronaut, and the post is a grouping of vintage ads that promote sexism. The ads are presented without comment, but I think it's pretty obvious that the poster didn't care for the sentiment. Today's ads are far from perfect--I don't remember the last time I danced around the kitchen with my Swiffer--but very rarely do I cringe as much as I did reading this list. Would Chase Freedom's adventure-seeking gal (who turned down a diamond for the rock she'd rather climb) be considered "indelicate"? Why, I'd imagine the doting new father in the Vonage ads would be tossed right out of the Thursday night poker game!

Granted, I did chuckle at a couple of the ads, like this one:
Photo Credit (All): Retronaut
Frankly, that ad doesn't make him look too spectacular, either. Also, when I first started to learn how to cook, I set the fire alarm off regularly, so I guess I have a soft spot for this one. That said, for every quaintly outdated ad posted, there are about three or four that make you want to bludgeon the "creative minds" behind them. I dare you to look at this and not get angry:

Now, bear in mind this is not the worst of the bunch. Not by a longshot.

I cook the meals in my house because I like to eat. My husband does the laundry. Fair is fair.
I wear lipgloss because I like it. I'm sure my husband appreciates it, but I don't do it for him.
I love a good pinup girl; not because she looks cute next to a plane, but because she probably built that plane.
I agree with Ginger Rogers, that a woman can do anything a man can do, backwards and in high heels.

Thank you to all the women who worked so hard to ensure I never have to see ads this offensive in circulation. I only hope we can keep it up.

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