Friday, February 24, 2012

Frugal Friday, Plus This Too Faced Stuff Is Da "Balm"!

*Editor's Note: The author apologizes for the horrible title. She couldn't help herself. Trust that she is truly humiliated. Thank you.

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Photo Credit: Too Faced
This is February, right? I didn't skip forward to May, or anything like that, did I? I ask, because the temperature was in the seventies this morning. Yesterday, I wore flip-flops, and the humidity was so high I didn't even bother fully drying my hair. There was no point, since it was just going to look damp and frizzy no matter what I did to it.

Makeup, schmakeup. When the weather's like this, all you can do is slap on some waterproof mascara and lip balm, then say a prayer and hope for the best.

The thing is, I would like to make it through the day without traumatizing small children. I don't want them to point, then run screaming to their mothers. I needed something just to even out my skin and give my eyeshadow and blush a base to stick to. My tinted moisturizer decided to turn orange on me, so that was no good, and foundation is flat-out too heavy for this humidity. It would melt right off my face, but only after clogging all my pores. No, thank you. This left me standing in my JCPenney's teeny-tiny Sephora with very few choices and absolutely no clue. Thankfully, between the online reviews I found with my smartphone (greatest invention ever) and the incredibly helpful salesperson, I realized what I needed was a beauty balm, and that Too Faced's version might be my best bet. The salesperson even color-matched me, which was beyond appreciated. I'm terrible at colormatching myself. I can help other people, but for some reason, I fancy myself about two shades darker than I actually am. Call it wishful thinking...anyhoo, moving on.

Here's what Ulta has to say about it (I know, I got it at Sephora, but I'm all for giving folks options):
Instantly impart a healthy glow and improve skin's appearance with sheer luminosity and a concealing, buildable tint. Soothing, oil-free moisture, antioxidants and SPF protection help to improve skin's condition and prevent future damage. This super-advanced, multi-benefit time saver from Too Faced streamlines your routine, giving you 'better than real' skin in just one step!
Enhance: Ideal balance of exceptional, buildable color, sheer texture, and light diffusion for a flawless-looking complexion.
Perfect: Minimize fine lines and wrinkles to create a smooth canvas for a more youthful appearance.
Nourish: Oil-free moisturizers condition and hydrate while chamomile extract soothes.
Protect: Antioxidant vitamins A & E, Ginseng Root and Ginko Biloba fight free radical damage and protect skin's integrity.
Prevent: Contains a non-chemical SPF 20 UVA/UVB multi-mineral sunscreen to prevent premature aging.
This sounded like exactly what I needed. I got the moisturizer I originally wanted, but with a slightly heavier consistency for better coverage (which, let's face it, I need. I am *shudder* over thirty...). I don't really have any fine lines, and my only wrinkles are on my forehead, but I'll take any and all help in keeping those at bay. SPF is a must, and I'm loving that the product is full of vitamins and antioxidants. Anything that could keep me from turning into a prune is more than welcome on my face. I've now had a few days to live with the product, so let's break it down, shall we?

Packaging: The product comes in an iridescent blush, beautifully decorated, hygienic squeeze tube. The cap screws onto the bottom of the tube, allowing the product to stay near the applicator for easiest access and least amount of waste. It also looks precious on my counter. 10 out of 10.

Application: I apply this by squeezing a small amount onto the back of my hand, then using a Real Techniques (review to come) foundation brush to work the product into my skin. You could also use your hands, though, if you were in a hurry or didn't have an available brush. Either way, the product applies quickly and effortlessly. 10 out of 10.

Appearance: The nice lady who colormatched me sent me home with Vanilla Glow. This is the lightest of the only four colors available: Cream Glow, Nude Glow, and Beach Glow. Vanilla matches my skin tone perfectly, but I'm not sure if that's because these colors are so sheer that they'll blend with a wide range of tones, or if I just got lucky. I recommend you try this on first, just to be sure. I found that the product was sheer enough for skin to show through, but still provided a reasonable amount of coverage. Honestly, I looked as polished as I normally would with a foundation, but didn't really look like I was wearing foundation. I just looked like I had really good skin. Concealer was necessary for under the eyes and to cover a little redness around my nose and chin, but that's the norm for me, even with heavy foundation. These are named "Glow" for a reason, though. While I didn't find this to be as shimmery as a few user reviews pointed out, there are light-reflecting pigments, which keep this from having a matte finish. I would call it "dewy", which is nice. I dusted a little powder over the top and was good to go. 9 out of 10.

Wear: I was shocked. Even in this crazy humidity, with the product already being "dewy", I've only had to do minor powder touch-ups around the 8 or 9 hour mark, with a quick blotting around hour 6 or 7. That's pretty darn impressive. 9 out of 10.

Price: This seems to be universally priced at $32. Believe it or not, that's on the lowest end of the specialty brand beauty balm spectrum (and I haven't found any drugstore brands), and it's toward the lower middle of the specialty store tinted moisturizer scale. You get 1.5 oz., which is pretty standard. Yes, there are cheaper drugstore brands for tinted moisturizer, but if you're looking for a beauty balm, this is not a bad deal at all. 9 out of 10.

Final Verdict: 9.4 out of 10. Nice coverage, decent wear. I have absolutely no complaints, and for what it is, you can't beat the price. Seriously. I tried.

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