Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shiny Happy People...Make Me Want To Punch Things

Photo Credit: Allure
Between awards season and Fashion Week, I'm about sick of seeing pretty people. I try; I really do. This morning I had an appointment with my accountant, so I wanted to look a little nicer than I usually do on a workday. I thoughtfully pulled an outfit that I thought blended casual with cool, yet still gave off an air of responsibility. Then, I very carefully selected the makeup I would need to complete the very specific look I had in mind--an effortless pale eye with bold lip--and applied said makeup using professional brushes and an artist's precision. Finally, I slicked my newly dyed hair (a rich, dark, chocolaty auburn that I absolutely adore) into a neat, classic ponytail. Finished, I stepped back, looked into the mirror and thought, "Well, this sucks." 

I can only work with what I got, folks.

So, imagine my delight (okay, maybe that's a bit too strong a word. 'bout midly pleased relief?) to discover I'm not alone. In fact, the artists behind these award and fashion shows have their own demons to deal with. Here is a fun interview with makeup artist to the stars, Angela Levin. It's basically "Anatomy of the Oscars" from a makeup artist's P.O.V., and I was completely fascinated. The other is a rather enlightening look at how those crazy fashion show makeups come to be. Let me just say I had no idea...

Alrighty. That does it for today. I'm off to see if anyone left any head-sized paper bags lying around the office.

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