Monday, February 6, 2012

While I Was Out...

And we're back!!

I am so sorry that posting has been a little haphazard lately. Things have been beyond crazed in my world. Anyway, life is calming down a bit, so I thought I'd thrill you with an installment of:


This is where, from time to time, I'll let you know what I've really been doing when posting's been light. Recently, I moved out of an apartment and into a house, then immediately (and I mean immediately) had to go to Atlanta for most of the week. So, while I was out, I stopped by:

The Conecuh County Sausage Factory. Seriously. Well, actually, we only stopped by the gift shop to get some sausage dogs, but that was, frankly, enough. I wish I'd had my camera, because it was the most adorable little general store...but completely stocked with gorgeous silver kitchen and dining accessories! Talk about opposites! If you ever find yourself in Evergreen, AL, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Also on the way up, we took a detour to visit Priester's Pecans, another country store filled with gifts and goodies. There's a coffee shop, ice cream stand, buffet, and more candy than you can shake a stick at. In fact, you can go upstairs and get a bird's-eye view of the candy-making process. It's a don't miss, in my book--but make sure you bring a hoodie. It's freezing in there!

In Hapeville, GA--mere minutes from the Atlanta airport area)--through the aid of our drunk-and-disorderly GPS, Jack ("We named the GPS Jack! Argh!"), Thomas and I stumbled upon the original Chick-Fil-A while trying to locate a post office. We never did find a mailbox, but the "Dwarf House" made up for it! Think Chick-Fil-A meets IHOP meets Walt Disney, and seek it out when you're in the area.

Since we had to eat, you know, more than once, we also headed to our favorite pizza joint (period. It rocks): Savage Pizza in Little Five Points. The pizza is incredible, the decor is Superhero chic, and the surrounding area looks like a cross between Portland and Greenwich Village. Go.

Atlanta's Horizon Theatre is currently running a simply fantastic production of Avenue Q. If you're not familiar with the Tony Award-Winning musical, it's basically Sesame Street for grown-ups. Catchy songs like, "What Do You Do With a B.A. In English", "If You Were Gay (That'd Be Okay)", and "It Sucks To Be Me" make learning about love, responsibility, racial and sexual diversity, and finding your purpose in life a side-splitting good time...just make sure to leave the kiddies at home!

When I wasn't out and about in the ATL (yeah, I just wrote that, and I am ashamed. Sorry), I put this piece on my still-in-fundraising-territory-but-hopefully-we'll-have-that-nailed-down-soon movie Jersey Devil Expeditions. I worked on the story and am helping with behind-the-scenes decisions right now. Paranormal Pop Culture is awesome and letting me write about our adventures in filmmaking.

So, that's what's been going on. I've got some fun posts coming up here at AN, so stick around!

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