Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back-To-School Beauty 101

My little brother started high school yesterday. High School. I was about to graduate from high school when he was born. I. Feel. Old.

Anyhoo, because li'l bro is now a high school boy, I tend to pay more attention to high schoolers when I'm out. You know, to see what the kids are into these days, so I have an idea of what the brother might like for Christmas, birthdays, whatever. I haven't seen any of the kids he's going to school with, but I have seen a lot of way-too-made up little girls running around the mall, and it got me thinking that, along with pencils, books, and protractors, a high quality, daily makeup routine should be on the school supplies list. I'm all for playing with looks and trends, but just like math and history, a good, everyday-appropriate makeup style is something that every smart girl should learn.

So, my pick for back-to-school makeup kit is this Passport Collection from Buxom. For starters, it's housed in a sleek, mirrored, zip case that can easily fit in a backpack, purse, or locker. Each item has a secure spot in the case, and there are travel brushes included for easy after-gym-class touch-ups.
Photo credit: Sephora

The colors were the big draw for me, though, along with the fact that there's a nearly complete look, here. The shadow quad includes three lovely neutral shades, plus a darker navy color that can be used as an alternative to a harsh black liner. The blush is a universally-flattering peachy pink, and the gloss--not thick, heavy lipstick--is also a soft peach. Buxom Lash mascara rounds out the palette. All you need to finish the look is a tinted moisturizer (no need for foundation on a day-to-day basis), concealer, and oil-absorbing powder. The palette's not cheap, at $49, but you could consider it an educational investment. Have a great year, guys!

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