Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hey, Kids! Let's Make a Movie!

Photo Credit: Fighting Owl Films
Artist: Jeff Bell
You know how I act and produce for an indie film company? And how that company made a really cool movie that actually got picked up for distribution and is out on DVD all over North America? Well, we're gearing up to make a thirty-minute follow-up, sequel, Christmas extravaganza...whatever you want to call it. I think it's going to be down right awesome, so I figured I'd share the news with you guys.

Night of the Krampus will be a half-hour holiday special, featuring the main characters from The Night Shift. Rue Morgan, Claire Renfield, and Herbie West venture away from Pinewood Oaks Cemetery to investigate a series of kidnappings. Could Santa's "helper", the deadly Krampus, be checking off his Naughty List?

Right now, we're at the fundraising stage, and have a campaign in progress on indiegogo. I'm not asking any of you guys for a dime. What you could do, if you're interested, is share, like, favorite, tweet, embed, plus, pin, or blog about the project. We have a little over 40 days, and every bit of support helps. Thanks!

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