Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Theme Park Makeup, Part Deux

Ed. Note: This is the second in a multi-part series. The first can be found here.

You know how it is. You go on vacation to a theme park, where you know you're going to be walking the equivalent of a half-marathon everyday, in the heat and humidity. Of course, this is also one of those occasions where you're going to have your picture taken a bajillion times.

"Oh, look! It's Mickey! Smile!"

"Oh, look! It's Hogwarts! Smile!"

"Oh, look! It's been five seconds since we took a photograph! Smile!"

True Story: On our last trip to Hollywood Studios, my mom wanted to take a picture of me and Thomas in front of a horse and buggy. It was crowded and loud, and neither of us could figure out what my mom wanted, but we saw the camera and guessed, but couldn't figure out what landmark she wanted in the background. We wandered around, totally confused, for a couple of minutes, until the buggy started to leave. Mom, not wanting to miss a picture of the buggy, snapped a quick photo, seemingly without us. It wasn't until we got to sit down in the shade for a second and look through the photos that we noticed that she had, indeed, gotten us in the shot--still trying to figure out where the heck we were supposed to stand. That may be my favorite picture of the trip.

Anyhoo, in the first installment, I showed you a barely-there, fairly matte look (on a horribly puffy face, and I am so sorry!) that could get you out of the hotel room pretty quickly, not require much (if any) touching up, and give you just enough polish to look camera-ready, but not made up. Of course, I've also been known to go to the parks sans makeup, so that's right up my alley. Not everyone wants to go that bare, so I've come up with a look that gives a little more coverage and is a bit more glam and shimmery. It's still really low-maintenance, but some of the products are on the higher-end, and you might want to invest in a Z-Palette or UNII Palette to keep from lugging around a million items.

Here's what we have:

Okay, let's do this. I started the eyes by priming, up to the brow, with UD Sin, keeping the majority of the product on the lid and sheering upward. Then, using the shadow brush, I added Stila Sparkle to the crease and outer corner. After that, I dabbed Stila Prize just in the center of the lid. I lined my upper lash line with the UD pencil, then ran UD Twice Baked over the liner, under the lower lash line, and used it to deepen the crease and outer corner. Lastly, I used Stila Kitten in the inner corner, inner part of the lower lash line, and inner part of the lid. I also used it to highlight the brow--all with the same shadow brush. Keeping it simple, here. Finish with mascara top and bottom.

Here's the whole she-bang. I used my fingers to apply the beauty balm and concealer. Then, I did my eyes like I just showed you, and my brows with the brow kit and brow brush (sure, the brush in the kit is fine, but the Real Techniques is better and faster, and it's so small that it doesn't take up enough space to count). Next, I powdered down with the powder and buffing brush. I used the blush brush to add bronzer to the tops of my cheeks, bridge of my nose, forehead and chin, then used the same brush to dust the blush on the apples of my cheeks. I used a clean finger to add a little Stila Kitten to the tops of my cheeks as a highlight, then, finally, swiped on a little long-lasting lip gloss. Done. Spray down with a little setting spray for extra insurance.

This has done really well in the heat and humidity down here, and I actually like it a lot better than the first look I came up with. The beauty balm covers so much better than the tinted moisturizer, but it's still not heavy. I would suggest tossing a powder compact or blotting papers in your backpack or totebag. You may not need them, but you could always touch-up on trips to the ladies' room, without taking any extra time out of your visit.

And now, for a little behind-the-scenes action. This is why I took pictures in the car. The little dude didn't much care for the photo shoot.

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