Friday, August 17, 2012

Frugal Friday: E.L.F. Mineral Lipstick Review

E.L.F. has eighteen shades in their line of five-dollar mineral lipsticks. I have three of them. Let's play!

Here, we have Ripe Rose, Barely Bitten, and Cheerful Cherry. I have to say, in the tubes, they look fairly similar. Barely Bitten is obviously the lightest, but the other two are darn near identical. I do detect a hint more brown in the Ripe Rose, and a teeny smidge more berry in the Cheerful Cherry.  Let's see how they swatch, shall we?

Oooh! Now, I can see a difference! Ripe Rose is definitely more of a dusty rose, with brown tones. Barely Bitten is more of a true rose, and Cheerful Cherry is a gorgeous berry red. They swatch easily, are nicely pigmented, and are almost impossible to remove. They should last a good, long time on your lips. So, how do they feel and look on the lips?

I only swatched one on my lips, because I was literally running out the door. I ended up just wearing this one as my lipstick du jour. This is Ripe Rose. It's not as brown on my lips as it was on my hand. Here, it's just a really lovely rosey shade. While I am glad that it's a pretty color, I am a little perturbed that it doesn't match the swatch on my hand, or the shade in the tube. Still, it feels like butter on, and has lasted all day, even through lunch, with only minimal touching-up.

Pros: packaging looks very high-end, moisturizing feel, beautiful color and pigmentation, long-wearing, great price point
Cons: not even slightly true to color

Final Verdict: 8.3 out of 10. For five bucks a piece, snag a few of these high-quality lipsticks and play around with figuring out the colors.

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