Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Deck the Nails: The New Black Glimmer Twins

Maybe it's just me, but I think there's something so elegant about black nails against a little black dress. I recently performed in a concert that required an LBD, which gave me the perfect excuse to pull out this pretty pair of polishes:

Photo Credit: Sephora
They're minatures! How precious is that?!

The black base coat is a deep, rich black that dries to a patent leather-like finish, and looks gorgeous on its own. The sparkling top coat is a sheer black with loads of silver stardust glitter. Layered over the base, you get this:

I added the gold accent nail (Sephora by O.P.I. Looks Like Rain Dear) to break up the black, and also to avoid having the sweet little Deacon at my church ask me if I'd slammed my fingers in the door...again...

Woo...slightly closer up!

Oddly enough, the first chip I got was from slamming my finger in a door. True story. Aside from that, I was able to wear this for about three days with only the slightest wear around the tips. No noticeable chipping occurred until the fourth day, but it would have been easily taken care of if I'd had the time or the inclination. I'm re-painting them Friday, so really, what's the point?

I hope you've been enjoying this series. I'll, hopefully, have another installment next week. Have a great Wednesday!

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