Monday, December 31, 2012

Times Square Crystal Ball-Inspired New Year's Eye Look

I am trying very hard not to get sick, but I think I'm losing the battle. I'll be staying in tonight, but if you're lucky enough to be ringing in the New Year somewhere fabulous, here's a pretty silver smoky eye for you.

I started by using my finger to dab a little Benefit Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow in Silver Spoon across the inner half of my eye, including inner corner, and blending upward to the browbone. I filled in the entire crease to brow area by blending that one little dab. Then, I popped Benefit Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow in Strut across the outer half and blended upward to the browbone. I also ran a small amount under my lower lash line and across the top lash line. Next, I grabbed my Urban Decay Naked, Naked 2, and Naked Basics palettes for the rest of the eye. I patted Verve across the inner third of my eye and over the silver in the inner corner. Then, I added Pistol to the center and crease, and Gunmetal to the outer third and above the Pistol in the crease, then blended all of them together and up toward the browbone with a fluffy brush. I used the same fluffy brush to blend a little Creep into the crease, then ran what was left on that brush under the lower lash line (that's a blend of ALL of the colors, since I didn't change brushes. If you want to change brushes, just run a light layer of each color under the lash line). Using a small, flat brush, line the upper lash line with Crave, and run a small amount of that color under the outer quarter of the lower lash line. Clean up the browbone area with a light dusting of Foxy. Finish with loads of black mascara. I like Buxom Lash.

If you don't have Naked Basics, sub Blackout for Crave. You can also line your waterline (which I think would look amazing) with a black liner. I would have loved to, but I have small eyes and it just closes them up. A silver liner would look cool there, if you have small eyes, too. I don't have a silver liner, so I'm still S.O.L. Oh, well.

This is not a glittery look, but it is super-duper shimmery. I finished the look with a demi-matte foundation, matte powder, matte cool pink blush, matte bronzer (see the trend?), and just a very light amount of pale pink highlighter on the cheeks. The lips are also a pale, glossy bright pink with just a hint of shimmer. A pink gloss would work just as well.

Happy New Year, guys!

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