Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some Folks Have Fantasy Football...I Have Fantasy Toiletries

Sweet Fancy Moses, it's Spring Break time!! Well, not for me, actually, as I am a "grown-up" who has long since graduated from any facility that would permit me to goof off for a week. I'm also not nearly as patient or awesome as the teachers and faculty who put up wi--ahem, guide and teach those who get to goof off (I have a teenage brother. I am in awe of you.), so I don't even get a week off from work to try to get other stuff done (you've earned it). But I digress. It's Spring Break! Somewhere! And I can dream, can't I?

For fun, I've been building my fantasy toiletry bag (don't judge me) for days...possibly weeks...in the hope of willing some sort of vacation into existence. Miraculously, it has seemed to work, and Thomas and I have been invited to screen our short, C.U.P.I.D. (it's cuteness on a stick of preciousness), in competition at the Crossroads Film Festival in Jackson, Mississippi. The trip's still several weeks off, but I thought I'd share my top five travel items, for those of you planning your own Spring Break getaways. Obviously, this isn't all I'm packing, but these are five fairly universal items, useful no matter where your vacay takes you.

1. Sunless Tanner
If Winter has left your skin practically black-light friendly (like it has mine), you probably don't want to throw on a sundress or teeny bikini without knocking off some of the chill. While my favorite tanning line will probably always be Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy, these little Tan Towels are perfect for tossing into your travel bag for touch-ups. They come individually foil packaged in half- or full-body sizes, and function much like a wet wipe. You just rub the towelette where you want to be tanned, and in a few hours you're golden. I especially love these because of how dry they are. I was able to get dressed immediately after using, and didn't experience much of a tanner-scent. They do go on clear, though, so you can't see where you've missed, and the effects don't last very long--maybe two days, tops. Still, for a quick touch-up or before trying shorts for the first time this season, it's a winner. 

2. Sea Salt Spray
I don't know about you, but I don't feel like (nor do I have the space for) traveling with a set of hot rollers. Sure, I can shove a curling iron into my bag (and I probably will), but I'm also packing a bottle of Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. This is a saltwater-based texturizer that gives you sexy beach waves. I spray a little on damp hair, then scrunch it while I roughly blow-dry. It works wonders, and takes almost no time. For a more wallet-friendly version, Not Your Mother's Beach Babe has gotten some wonderful reviews. I've not tried it myself, but I'd love to hear from anyone who has. 

3. Vitamin C
The very last thing you want on vacation is an illness. These little packets are travel-friendly, easy to drink, and taste pretty good, actually. Plus, they'll help keep your energy up. Just make sure you pack a little hand sanitizer, too.

4. Decent Coffee
Maybe I just have bad luck when it comes to hotel coffee, but it seems like either the in-room pot is broken, or the lobby coffee has been sitting out too long, or there's not a Starbucks within a fifty-mile radius. In any case, I've learned the hard way not to depend on my hotel for coffee. And I need coffee. I worked my way through college in coffee shops, so it's (probably literally) in my blood. The little Starbucks VIA packs are a lifesaver! They take up very little real estate in your bag or purse, and all you need is hot water (and, you know, whatever cream or sugar you take). Best of all, they don't taste instant. I took the pick-the-instant challenge at Starbucks, and failed. Miserably. It's good stuff.

5. Help!
I come from klutzy stock, so a first aid kit is a staple in my house, car, and travel bag. This company, Help! I Need Help!, however, has taken the first aid kit to the next level. Yes, you can find little packs of band-aids and aspirin, but they also have blister covers, nausea meds, sleep aids, energy boosters, and even cold and allergy tablets. They've got the cure for what ails you, neatly packaged in the cutest little flat packs ever. If you have a good idea what you'll need (say, Help! I Have a Blister would be good for theme park goers or hikers), you can pick up individual packs, or grab the whole set for thirty bucks.

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