Thursday, March 21, 2013

Taking Pictures Of a Dog Is Hard, Y'all

(ed. note: How's that for a post title? Took minutes of thought. Minutes, I tell you.)

Today's post is more of a public service announcement. With Spring now upon us (and the weather...well, as my mother puts it, it's not "being its best self"), Hurricane season is just around the corner, and God only knows how it's going to go this year. Oh, goody. If you have pets, please remember to take photos of them. In the event you're separated, a current photo greatly increases your chances of being reunited. /end of preachiness.

Last year was our first year with Ronnie, the wonder chihuahua, and as first-time puppy parents, we wanted to make sure we were completely prepared in the case of a storm. Thomas and I scoured the interwebs, read every Facebook post on the subject, and kind of drove ourselves crazy trying to make sure that little Ron Ron would never know a moment's discomfort. For those of you who haven't seen us around our little dude, he's spoiled and has us completely whipped. It's the eyes. And the ears. Man, I can't say no to those little ears. Could you?

Just take it! Whatever it is you want, just take it!
Now, I take a lot of pictures of my tiny guy (Lord, how bad are we going to be when we have a human child?), but they're generally silly pictures of him sleeping in a weird spot or wearing something ridiculous (he has a shark costume...). I'm pretty sure those weren't the kind of pictures that the news anchors meant when they said I needed a current photo of my dog. They are, on the other hand, the kind of pictures that make awesome screensavers.
"I'M A SHARK!!!"

So, with that, I set out to take a really good, really normal, photo of the Ronniebutt:







Oh well, I'll try again this year.

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