Monday, December 20, 2010

My Christmas Wish

Yesterday, I decided to get into the Christmas spirit. I donned an apron, stuck a holiday DVD in the laptop, and got to work baking. For almost four hours, and the better part of two DVDs, I made pies, sugar cookies, and fruit cookies. I floured and dusted and basted and frosted, decorated and drizzled and tasted and toasted. In other words, I worked by butt off. I finished the evening sweaty and covered in dough, but it was Christmas, by gum. It finally felt like Christmas.

But I don't think it was the cookies that did it. Even with all the red and green candies and sprinkles, I don't think they were what did the trick. The movies brought forth my holiday spirit. Watching Chevy Chase try to light his abomination of a Christmas display made my season bright. Richard Attenborough taught Mara Wilson to believe in Santa, and reminded me to have a little faith, myself. Christmas came to my kitchen, not as a confection, but through a bunch of old discs on a Mac.

Yesterday's movie marathon was fun. It gave Thomas and I a chance to debate the finer points of Home Alone, and which Miracle on 34th Street was better (we both agree the original, but I prefer some story points of the 1994 version, and appreciate the update, where he does not). We pondered the necessity of the fairly lousy remake of Christmas In Connecticut, but still giggled throughout. Heck, it sure beat a rerun of CSI: Wherever. One day, I may make him sit down and watch the original Barbara Stanwyck version. It gets me everytime.

We skipped Love, Actually, but I may pull it out tonight. That's one of my favorites, and a far cry more festive than the recent television airings of Titanic (really? When did that become a CHRISTMAS movie? The ship sailed in APRIL, for the love of mike!)

I do not own a copy of the Jim Carrey...well, any Jim Carrey holiday movie. I do have Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but it's not quite a Christmas film. I'll keep a lookout for the cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I missed A Charlie Brown Christmas and Prep and Landing, but that can be easily remedied. What can not be remedied, however, is the sheer lack of Christmas movies in theatres this year.

There aren't any!  I don't just mean there aren't any good movies out that are holiday themed.  I mean there aren't any!  Not one!  I mean, I'm not lamenting the fact that there's not a Four Christmasses or Fred Claus to avoid.  But how 'bout another Elf?

I realize that December is the peak of awards season.  It's the last (and best) chance to open movies with real awards potential.  That's why we have dramas and big-budget stargazers out the ears, but nothing with reindeer, than I've noticed.  So, here's my question, and the point of this post:  instead of lackluster remakes or mindless drivvel that is Christmassy in name only, or nothing Christmassy at all, why can't we have some holiday awards fodder?  You know, something with fabulous writing, top-notch acting, and a real, honest-to-God plot?  I know, it's tough to fathom, but it just might bring us another classic, and maybe something my kids can watch while they bake cookies.  Now, that's something I'd raise my eggnog to.  

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