Friday, December 17, 2010

Ten Thousand Hits...and Counting!

And now, Ladies and Gentlement, Boys and Girls, Madaman und Herren! It's time for Erin's Favorite Things!!!!*

I decided, in celebration of our 10,000th page view, to skip today's Gift Guide, and look back at the year and highlight some of the things that I, personally, enjoyed and now can't live without. Well...don't want to live without, anyway. With that, let's get started!

(Yes, I know there are blogs who get over 10,000 hits in a day, but this is a big deal for me, so just go with it, okay? Thanks!)


Yeah, I know, you've never heard of it. That's because it's a local eatery, and even though there seems to be one on every corner around here, it doesn't exist past the city limits. That said, they have addictive chicken fingers, homemade sauces, and crushed ice in the fountain drinks. It's my Sunday afternoon habit, and I have no intention of breaking it. If you find yourself down Mobile-way, stop by for a little bit of fried Heaven.

Ben & Jerry's Berry Voluntary
This white chocolate/raspberry cheesecake concoction is only available at Target, and only for a limited time. Best of all, the entire point of this flavor is promote volunteerism in the community. Of course, I would be remiss to not mention Milk & Cookies as a runner-up flavor.
Fashion Trends

Okay, so I never bought into the whole "looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker" jive, but this is different. They look like skinny jeans, but feel like yoga pants. Now you can look on trend and still be able to breathe/eat/sit/stand/walk...


Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten
I use this pretty much everyday. It's a gorgeous champagne pink shimmer with absolutely no glitter chunks. What you get is a smooth wash of brightening color that instantly perks up your entire face. It's a cult favorite for a reason, folks. $18, Sephora.

Too Faced The Bronzed and the Beautiful Palette
This Summer, I fell in love with a sample of Sun Bunny bronzer. This palette give you Sun Bunny and a couple of her amazing friends. Snow Bunny is a lighter bronzer with a ton of irredescence (no need for highlighter!), and Pink Leopard is for hard core bronzing and sculpting. Add to it a softer than imaginable "teddy bear hair" brush that applies *exactly* the right amount of powder, and you've got yourself a can't do without winner. $38, Sephora.

Health and Beauty

Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
Gentle exfoliant that removes makeup and dirt in a flash to leave skin smooth and clear. Perfect for sensitive skin, as well. $25-$55, Sephora.

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller Gel
I went one day without this and could tell. 'Nuff said. $12.79,

First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream
This is how I'm surviving Winter. Even my sweet Thomas uses it. It's fragrance-free, lusciously creamy, and fixes dry, cracked skin FAST. It's earned a permanent spot in my medicine cabinet. $15-$39, Sephora.

Pop Culture


Dark and Stormy Night

Inception was one of the few movies I saw this year where I left the theatre thinking (alright, loudly proclaiming to anyone near me), "Oh, my God, that was a fabulous movie!" There may have been some expletives deleted in that statement, as well. It was amazing, and deserves any and every award it gets.

A lesser-known film (straight to DVD, I believe) is the low-budget but high-concept Dark and Stormy Night. If you can find it, do yourself a favor and buy it. Director Larry Blamire and his usual suspects (Lost Skeleton of Cadavara, The Lost Skeleton Returns Again) put together this laugh-out-loud funny "dark house" suspense-comedy as an homage to the old black and white mysteries where everyone meets for the reading of the will...and starts dropping one by one! If you liked And Then There Were None or The House on Haunted Hill (the original), then this movie is for you. Seriously. Go buy it now. Chop chop.

TV Shows

Doctor Who
How I Met Your Mother
The Walking Dead

Community is, arguably, the funniest show on television right now. It's smart, somewhat absurdist, and boasts a sensational ensemble. Danni Pudi's "Abed" is a marvel, and it's just nice to see Chevy Chase being funny again. Throw in Joel McHale at his smarmiest, and it's the most fun you'll have on Thursday.

Doctor Who is a British television icon. It started in the 60s as a children's show, and has evolved over time into a family-friendly sci-fi drama, with a heavy dose of whimsy. The newest doctor (he "regenerates" any time an actor playing the Doctor leaves the show) is a daft, but brilliant young (looking--he's over 900 years old) man who travels through time and space with a cute newlywed couple for his companions. If you haven't given it a go, now's a great time to hop onboard.

Sadly, as of today, The Good Guys has officially been canceled. This is a crying shame. This show was hilarious, warm, and just plain goofy. I hope it makes a killing on DVD.

If I never meet the mother, it'll be okay, because I've met Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily, and adorable Marshall. They are the new Friends, and I look forward to hanging out with them each week.
Supernatural is an oddity. Part buddy road-trip comedy, part family drama, part Ghost Hunters, and part Sunday School lesson, it keeps you on your toes. It doesn't hurt that it stars two incredibly charming and gorgeous guys, a loveable curmudgeon, and the hottest angel ever to fall to Earth.

The Walking Dead, while not a perfect show, has the potential to be one of those shows that is still admired ages after goes off the air. Think M*A*S*H, folks. Cinematic story-telling, a thrilling premise, and top-notch acting. AMC knows how to treat their viewers, and this has, indeed, been a treat. Thank you.


Cake Wrecks
The Pioneer Woman

If you haven't found Cake Wrecks (which is, coincidentally, celebrating its 1,000th post), drop what you're doing and go look. Yeah, it's a bunch of ugly cakes, but it's the commentary that takes it from mildly amusing to side-splitting hilarity. Jen, John, and the gang are witty, insightful, and downright brilliant.

Also by Jen of Cake Wrecks is her personal blog, Epbot. It's a little geek chic, a little pop culture, and even a little DIY. Mostly, it's just fun.

As you may have guessed, a friend of mine writes Magnolia, but I'd read it even if that weren't the case. The blog is a beautifully written, often comic look into the life of a almost-thirty, largely Southern, excessively educated, over-achiever. Think Bridget Jones' Diary with a better vocabulary and a lot more soul.

The Pioneer Woman has given me hope that I might one day learn to cook. She's also given me many laughs and a few tears with her gorgeous photography and stories of family life on the ranch. It's Little House on the Prairie for the 21st Century, and I love it.

That's it, folks! Did I leave off something that you can't live without? I'd love to hear about it in the comments. Until then, thanks for 10,000 hits, and here's to the next 10,000!

*Not to be confused with Oprah's Favorite Things or Barney's Favorite Things. You ain't gettin' nuthin' here. Sorry.
The Good Guys

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