Monday, April 2, 2012

Hunger Games Nail Polish, Round Two: Riveting

As promised, here's the other China Glaze Hunger Games polish I was able to get my mitts on: Riveting.

Photo Credit: Hot Topic
Riveting is an electric tangerine color (which, by the way, Pantone named color of the year for 2012, so this is right on trend) with flecks of orange glitter, for a monochromatic, overall shimmer. And I'm in love. It's perfect for Summer, and looks fantastic peeking out of strappy sandals. Plus, I give it bonus points for flattering fish-belly white skin, such as my own, since not all of us have had a chance to spray tan, yet.

Inside on Friday (Painted on Thursday)
Application was fairly painless, though this does have a tendency to glob. I was impressed, though, with how simple it was to cover to smudges. Between the puppy's fascination with toenail polish, and my husband's penchant for stepping on freshly painted tootsies, it's good to know I can just swipe another coat on and be good to go. Drying time isn't particularly quick, but not terribly slow, either; about 10 minutes should do it. I added a clear top coat, and haven't had to even so much as touch up my fingernails for four days. The tips are starting to show signs of wear, but no chips. This is a keeper.

Outside on Saturday (Same Mani)
Available at Hot Topic for $7.00.

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