Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We've Got Magic To Do! (Just For You!)

I finally watched the first Harry Potter movie last night.  The first half of the final installment is coming out in a few weeks, and since I'd never seen any of the movies (or read any of the books, for that matter), Thomas insisted that we rent all of them. 

I knew that he liked what he'd seen of them, my brother is a regular little Potter-head, and the theme park was about the most adorable thing I'd ever seen, but I really wasn't sure if I could sit through two and a half hours (really) of goofy-looking kids waving around wands. 

I could, and it was wonderful.  I absolutely can not wait to get through the rest of the movies.  It was sweet, and funny, and very intelligent.  Finally, a "kid's" movie that parents (and other adults) can sit through without wanting to slit their wrists!  Trust me, that's a feat, these days.

Before too long, Potter fans in the UK will have a new museum dedicated to the young wizard and his amazing world.  Warner Bros. is looking to make a stake in the British film industry, and is in the planning stages for a Potter-themed attraction across the pond.  No, it won't be a theme park, like the one in Florida, but will feature sets, costumes, makeup effects and creature designs from the films.  All in all, it would mean around 300 new jobs and, should Warner Bros. decide to make a home in Britain, another 100 million pounds added to the economy.  I guess that makes up for building the theme park for the Yanks.

Speaking of magic, here's some to transform your lashes.  I know I've briefly mentioned the Fresh Magic Wands Mini Mascara Duo in the past, but here's a proper review of them:  they kind of rock.

According to Sephora:
Fresh Magic Wands Mini-Mascara Duo delivers the ultimate high-voltage lashes. Supernova creates a super-black base, with a volumizing lift, and Firebird has a feathery effect. The combination is stunning.

This is a kit, featuring two individual mascaras.  The first, Supernova, in a pretty, star-spangled black tube, leaves lashes jet black, long and thick.  The magic comes in with the Firebird, in a teal tube featuring a feather motif.  A few swipes of this, and your long, thick, black lashes stretch out into baby doll lashes.  Curl them beforehand, and you can skip the false lashes for your holiday parties.  Granted, it takes a few seconds longer, and you do have to keep up with two tubes, but believe me, it's worth it.  $10, Sephora.

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