Friday, November 5, 2010

Gift Guide: The Social (Networking) Butterfly

Alrighty!  I've decided that, for the moment, Fridays are Gift Guide days.  Every Friday, from now until...well, until I get tired or run out of ideas, I'll highlight a few gift ideas for a specific category of recipient.  Today, we're looking at stuff for the Social (Networking) Butterfly.

You know her.  She's the girl with the cell glued to her ear, her iPad tuned into Facebook, and more FarmVille requests than a girl who's never actually seen a cow should.  If a prize were given out for texting proficiency, she'd be a contender.  Well, buddy, have I got just. the. thing.

The Echo Touch Glove.  These are actually pretty darn cool.  They're wool-blend gloves that feature eLink fabric on the tips of the forefinger and thumb.  These little patches allow for the wearer to be able to use touch screens (like on most phones, nowadays) while still keeping warm.  And to think, I just bought fingerless gloves.  Silly me.  Now, I'll be cold.  They come in a myriad of colors, so you could even match their phone.  $30,
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DecalGirl is a favorite site of mine.  They have skins for phones, laptops, iPads, iPods, ereaders...the works.  Basically, if it's electronic and handheld, they have a skin for it.  What's even cooler, is that each skin is truly a work of art, and you can even shop by artist.  The one I have on my phone runs $7.99 ($2 extra for matte finish, and is based on Donna Summer's She Works Hard For the Money. 
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