Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where Did I Put Those Red Leather Boots?

Photo Credit: Temptalia
Holy hole in a doughnut, Batman! DC Comics and MAC have teamed up to bring Wonder Woman-inspired cosmetics to us lowly mortals, beginning February 10, 2011! 
If you're like me, the prospect alone makes you want to slide on your patriotic bathing suit, gas up the invisible plane, and head to the nearest MAC counter to lasso up some pretty potions. However, we have to wait a little while, so let's take this opportunity to preview the merchandise.
The collection consists of Lipsticks, Lipglasses, Eyeshadow Quads, Penultimate Eyeliner, Pigments, Blush Duos, Opulash Mascara, Nail Lacquer, Lashes, Reflects Glitter, and Mineralize Skin Finish, as well as various makeup bags, brush sets, a mirror, and t-shirt.
In keeping with Wonder Woman's "larger-than-life" image, several items, namely the Mineralize Skinfinish, Eyeshadow Quads, Pigment, Opulash, Lipsticks, and Lipglass, have been super-sized.  Of course, their prices were also inflated, so there's no "33% More Free" deal here. 
Obviously, all shades and product names carry the Wonder Woman theme. According to Gordon Espinet, vice-president of Global Makeup Artistry for MAC Worldwide, "For spring, we have seen that one of the biggest outstanding trends is a very early, fresh '70's look. Think a shampoo commercial from 1972, or a Cheryl Tiegs or Farrah Fawcett type of girl."  That screams Diana Prince, don't you think? Look for sexy nudes, power-packed reds, and sassy purples, bearing names such as Secret Identity, Spirit of Truth, and Star Studded. One of my all-time faves, Russian Red lipstick, is featured in this collection, so at least one color is definitely awesome.    
As for the packaging...this appears to be a bone of contention, at least on the fabulous Temptalia blog. Readers seem to have sectioned themselves off into Team Nostalgia and Team Tacky camps: Team Tacky thinks the packaging looks like it came from a dime-store toy aisle, and Team Nostalgia argues that the childlike packaging is part of the charm.  
Now, I've only seen photographs, so I really can't comment on the quality of the packaging. I do recall being quite disappointed in the packaging for the Disney Villains collection, so I'm a little wary. However, the photographs look adorable, and I love the cartoonish, playful, comic-book vibe they were going for.  I guess this is just a "wait and see" area.  
One more thing: if you're in the market for MAC brushes, now's a good time to snap some up. Sets of three (eyeshadow or face) in cute "Utility Belt" pouches are going for $40 through this collection. A single brush can run close to that, so this is a steal. 
For pictures of the entire collection, check out Temptalia.    

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  1. i'm so on board with this early-70s revival thing. now if only they'd start selling those metal barrettes i used to wear in high school, i'd be all set...


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