Friday, January 28, 2011

Well, Stick a Bow On My Head and Toss Me a Slushee

I miss Sanrio Surprise. It was this little store in the mall that sold Hello Kitty...well, everything. Umbrellas, folders, t-shirts, makeup, candy...pretty much anything they could slap a character on. I lived there in middle school. If I'm not mistaken, I think I even had a frequent buyer card. The store went under years ago, and a few feeble attempts have been made at opening similar shops, but it's just not the same. The Kitty has left the building.
Until now. Granted, there's still not an entire store dedicated to the bow-bedecked feline, but Sephora is turning over a chunk of sales space to Hello Kitty-themed merchandise. For a limited time (read: until they run out), you can get eyeshadows, blushes, lipglosses, and a host of other goodies in Kitty-inspired packaging.
Bling Mirror
Photo Credit: Sephora
Now, personally, I think the packaging is cute. It's a little kiddie, but in a sweet, nostalgic, kitschy way. Of course, I think $49 for a crystal encrusted purse-sized mirror in the shape of Hello Kitty is positively obscene, but for the most part, the prices for the actual makeup items are on par with other department store and specialty brands.
I have not had the opportunity to try any of the items myself, but going off of user reviews on Sephora, I'd say it'd be best to skip the Say Hello eyeshadow/lipgloss palettes ($35), and give the Apple Cheeks cream blush ($22) a shot. The shade Peachy seems to be the most popular, but if I had my choice, I'd go for the luminizing shade, Cottonball. It looks amazing in the photographs I've seen, and adds a pretty wash of highlighting shimmer to your cheekbones.
Photo Credit: Sephora
Now, for a confession: I've never watched Glee. Well, at least not an entire episode. I did manage to see Rachel get nailed with a Slurpee in the pilot, and my cousin had me watch Kristin Chenowith perform at the end of another episode (he's so sweet. He thinks I sound like her. Bless him), but that's it. Seriously. Didn't watch the Rocky Horror homage. Even missed Idina Menzel, and I saw Wicked on Broadway! I am a bad theatre geek. 
However, I think I may be able to atone. See, in addition to the cutesy, sweetsy Hello Kitty happies, Sephora by has also teamed up with Fox to unveil a whole line of Glee-themed Sephora by O.P.I. nail polishes! With summer-friendly shades of chartreuse, peacock green, and super hot pinks, and names like Miss Bossy Pants and Slushied, you can Gleek out your mani-pedi all season long. Happy painting, and have a fabulous weekend!


  1. seriously, how much time did we spend in sanrio as kids? i miss that place too.

    believe it or not, my new favorite nail polish is from the OPI "burlesque" collection. i have my toes done in "sparkle-icious" right now, and it's pretty rock star. i found swatches of all of them:

  2. I spent way too much allowance money in there. As for the Burlesque--try the Smashbox Burlesque kit. It's one of my faves! I can't wait to check out those nail polishes. :)


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