Friday, January 21, 2011

The Zombies Are Coming! The Zombies Are Coming!


That's what greeted parents Tuesday and Wednesday, as they dropped off their children at Barron Elementary and Benjamin Syms Middle School in Hampton, Virginia. According to the Hampton Roads Sanitation District, someone hacked into the password-protected sign to change the message, which was supposed to warn motorists of pipeline construction. After the Tuesday incident, locks were added to the signs, but those pesky perps managed to break the locks and change the message again. Meddling kids, or well-meaning folks with a message to get out? In either case, I'd advise drivers in Hampton, VA to be extra careful for the time being.

Speaking of zombies, my little zom-com, The Night Shift, is nearly complete! We're a few special effects and some final color-correction shy of a finished product, and I thought I'd share the new and improved trailer with all of you guys.

We've actually been getting a lot of really good press! Here's some of what people are saying about The Night Shift:

“This looks to be a fun little horror number...we will be talking about this time next year.”--Ain’t It Cool News

“D*mn, I’m already laughing!” Reader Comment: “I love it!”--Arrow in the Head

“From the looks of the trailer, I know I will be looking forward to this one!”--Bloody Good Horror

“Goofy indie horror-comedy...a fun movie”--Horror Bid

“If you like your comedy/horror goofy, then this will sit with you very nicely as this just looks like a great fun film.”

Reader Comments: “sounds like a hoot”, “looks like one of the most enjoyable horror films in a long time”, “This sounds far more interesting than just about every film I've seen in the past two months”--I Like Horror Movies

“This goes to show you that not all great movies are being made in Hollywood but in our own backyards.”--Living Dead Media

“What to watch after The Walking Dead”--The Point

“Good cheesy could you go wrong!”--Viva La Geek

“The Production Photos look good”--Zombie Command

There have been other mentions, too, and we're hoping for even more. I also have an ongoing blog at Paranormal Pop Culture, and we really owe them a debt of gratitude. That site's been one of our biggest supporters (right after Mom), which automatically makes them cool. Of course, they're really cool in their own right, and if you're in to ghosts, ghoulies, or anything supernatural in nature, you should give them a read.

We've already had invites to a few film festivals, and as things are finalized, I'll let you know where and when the movie will screen. You know, just in case you want to check it out. (and you know you want to, right?)

Okay, that's enough shameless promotion. I'm going to go hop on my trampoline and watch a rerun of Supernatural. Have a great weekend, y'all!

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