Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Another Morbid Monday

I ran a Google search for Personalized Pencils, and came up with this: "12 Weird Things to Do With Your Cremated Remains". Happy Monday!
The sick, twisted sense of humor inside me forced me to click the link, and I have to say, I've never had so much fun with death before in my life. Some of the ideas I actually already knew about (I just made a zombie movie in a cemetery. I did a lot of research. Plus, I'm weird), but some, like being made into fireworks or a set of pencils (Ha! There's the correlation!), were new--and hilarious!--to me. I'm all for honoring final wishes, but some of these are just downright creepy.
Well, as long as we're on a death kick (I repeat, Happy Monday!), how about a review of the new Syfy series, Being Human?  
I've been a fan of the original BBC series since it premiered two seasons ago. I even made a total fool out of myself at Comic-Con, gushing to each actor about how wonderful they all were, while they, mildly terrified, signed their autographs and nodded for the nice moderator to usher me away. It's a fantastic series, with fabulous acting, well-written scripts, and an intriguing (and somewhat addictive) plot. Of course, that's not even mentioning the irresistible premise of a Vampire, Werewolf, and Ghost as roommates, just trying to get by as normally as possible. In an attempt not to bore you any more with the BBC version here, this is a link to a recent post I made about it.
Now, for the US version. The pilot, which is all I've seen, is extremely close to the BBC version. There are a few slight exceptions, of course. Some of the events are presented a wee bit differently, at least one new character has been added, and the dialogue has been updated and Americanized, but the story is the same.
Unfortunately, all that does is prove just how superior the BBC version is to the Syfy. The leads are bland, as I dearly love Sam Huntington (Josh, the Werewolf), and was really looking forward to seeing him play this role. The writing (by no less than a Supernatural alum!) seems to rely too heavily on the Vampire character and his sensuality. We get it. Vampires are sexy. Let's move on. I'd like to see if this guy can do something besides pout and "smolder". Almost nothing is said of our little ghost, Sally. 
I made it through the entire episode, but it was difficult. Yes, this is a melodramatic show, but let's not turn it into Chekov, please. I went into the show expecting some soapy fun, and left depressed. Thomas didn't make it past the opening credits. 
The second episode airs tonight. I'm going to give it another go, and see if things turn around from here, but right now, my opinion is that these monsters need to stay hidden under the bed.

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  1. sigh. it's always so disappointing when things like that happen. it's like when the movie adaptation of a book you love falls flat.

    at least we live in a time when you can get your hands on the real-deal BBC version. i don't know about you, but i barely remember what it was like before the internet controlled our lives.


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