Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

I love this.
Email sent by the Layman Group. I can't crop it. Le sigh.

Not long ago, a group of actors were traveling through Huntsville, AL, and saw a similar set of signs on an overpass. It brightened their day so much that they were compelled to pay it forward. The performers grabbed some paints and posterboard, created their own signs, and stood by a busy road to let passersby know that they were, indeed, beautiful. According to a spokesperson for the group, the response was overwhelming. Motorists were even rolling down their windows and returning the compliment! All it took was a little paint and a little time, but the effort was extremely appreciated.
This really made me feel good, and golly, I needed it. In an effort to make up for yesterday's dreary post, here's a couple more things to make you feel good.
First up, we have a group called Feel Good World. This is made up of college students at 21 universities, all helping to end world hunger one grilled cheese sandwich at a time. From the website:
FeelGood is a youth movement committed to ending world hunger in our lifetime. On college campuses across the U.S., FeelGood students run non-profit delis specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches. 100% of deli proceeds are invested in organizations sustainably eradicating global hunger. But FeelGood delis are more than a vehicle for raising money. They’re also a place for creative interaction and education—an inviting environment for customers to learn about hunger’s causes, consequences and solutions.
How simple is that? I think that's the genius of it. Currently, they're at the $800,000 mark on donations. I'd love to see them reach a million by the end of the year. You can donate here, or check out their shop on Facebook.
Lastly, we have the Pincurl Girls. Jen Lukas-Landis created "Grace"--an expression of her inner child--while she was having a rough time in Graduate School. She lost her self-confidence, and Grace helped her regain her spark. As Jen became more self-assured, Grace grew, too, and now they hope to help other girls who are facing self-esteem issues.
There are inspirational greeting cards, cute "I Believe In Myself" bracelets, even wall art and clothing, all at reasonable prices. These whimsical little line drawings with motivational sayings are helping to cheer up tons of girls, and couldn't we all use a little cheering up now and again?


  1. nothing wrong with a random compliment from the universe, eh? i love things like that. the other morning, i was on the train, all bundled up for the 20-degree weather and feeling very sluggish and unattractive. as i got out at my stop, a man walked over and said, "excuse me, but you are lovely; may i leave you my phone number?" though i turned him down, i thanked him, and he said, "thank you as well. take care." that was the kindest hit-on ever, i think.

  2. It's amazing to me how stuff like that happens when you least expect it, and just when you need it the most. :)


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