Monday, August 1, 2011

Stickin' It to the Cable Man, and a Magnetic Marvel

Day 6 of limited Internet/cable access. The provider seems to be allowing us to use our services, but only in scattered, random spurts. I guess it's better than nothing, but morale is lessening, and tempers are starting to flare. Now, in addition to this fabled "the cable guy", our search has broadened to include the even more elusive (as if that were possible) "the supervisor", a far more powerful and mystical creature. It is said that "the supervisor" is capable of amazing feats, such as ensuring "the cable guy" actually appears, and even prorating your bill if that fails. Our trail for "the supervisor" grows cold, however. We thought we were making progress--we even had something called a "confirmation number" that would guarantee at least a phone call from "the supervisor", but, alas, that appears to have been merely rumor and folklore. Our wait continues, and our hope wanes...

In the meantime, I did have a sec to look something up for you. I'm bored, so maybe I'll try this little arts and crafts project. I mean, afterall, what else am I doing?
Photo Credit: Laura Thoughts

How cute is that?! It's a makeup magnet board! There's a darling, and very easy, tutorial here. This is a really creative, inexpensive, and practical space-saving solution that doubles as interactive art! Now that's adorable.

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  1. maybe that's the solution to the fact that i am now living in a home with a bathroom that was clearly selected by a boy-type person. there is not a single inch of counter space. not. one. there's a pedestal sink, a medicine cabinet and a windowsill. i brought in a three-tiered shelf that barely wedges itself under the sink and a shower caddy that won't stay stuck to the wall.

    but this? i could at least free up some space in the shelf-thing...


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