Friday, August 12, 2011

Recessionistas and Urban Cowboys

I refuse to get into politics on this site (or any other, for that matter), but there's no getting around the fact that the economy has gone down the proverbial toilet. Every penny counts these days, so today's post is brought to you, in part, by They have a wonderful list of ways to save and/or reuse old cosmetics and makeup tools. 
  1. Use one of your old smaller makeup brushes to clean off nail polish on your skin when doing a manicure. Just dip it in a little bit of acetone and wipe around the edges of your nails.
  2. Got a bunch pigments and lipglosses that you don't use anymore? Try blending them together in a small pot to make your own custom colored lipglosses. You can also clean up old lipgloss wands and use them as an applicator.
  3. Instead of throwing away old mascara, wash the brushes thoroughly and use them to tame unruly eyebrow hairs or to separate and clumped up eyelashes.
  4. Save broken face powders and powder blushes and use them as loose powders. If you've dropped your compact, or even worse it cracks and gets all over your purse, save what's left of it in a small container. As long as you have a brush, you can still use it as loose powder.
  5. If your foundation doesn't match your skin tone, you can mix a little bit of it in your moisturizer or body lotion to give it a slight tint. Also, if the foundation is slightly darker than your skin tone, you can use it as a contour shade on your cheek bones to give it some more definition.
  6. If you've bought a conditioner that just wasn't cutting it for your hair, keep it on hand to reuse as a shaving cream. It works just as well and moisturizes your skin as you shave.
  7. Try using eyeshadow to temporarily touch up roots. Spray your hair with a little bit of hairspray then pat on eyeshadow on the roots. Browns help cover up gray hair and gold, shimmery colors work with blondes.  --From
Those are brilliant. There also common sense enough to make me kick myself over some of the stuff I've thrown out. 

Alrighty! Today's dip into the old magic bag o' samples brought out Urban Decay's Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Midnight Cowboy. And yes, before you ask, the first thing I thought of was, in fact, John Travolta

According to Urban Decay:
Get hooked on shine, without the sticky hangover. Lip Junkie features a soft, luxe texture, stay-put shades and tastes like wedding mints. Addicted yet?
You want a super-shiny gloss, but can't stand the sticky texture, right? Wait till you feel the soft, cushiony texture of this gloss! Lip Junkie stays put longer than other glosses, but never feels gummy or gooey. It comes in a range of pretty amazing shades (if we do say so ourselves), and the color payout is amazing. Take your pick from sheer pretty neutrals, kick-ass brights, or glimmering near-black. And the flavor? Think yummy wedding mints... a sweet mint with a little zing that makes breath feel fresh. 
Photo Credit: Urban Decay
Midnight Cowboy is a neutral beige with a ton of silver sparkle, which gives your lips a frosted nude look. Personally, I love it. I think it's a gorgeous gloss, and one of the few nudes I can actually wear and not look like a cadaver. It's not sticky, but it is a little tacky. I can live with that, but I wouldn't recommend showering your significant other with kisses while you have this on. The gloss is mildly plumping (they recommend a month of daily use for full effectiveness), and has a pleasant, cooling tingle. The vanilla mint flavor is yummy, and helps freshen breath--though not enough to toss out your Tic Tacs. Mine main gripe is that I had trouble with too much coming out of the tube. Granted, this was a sample, but the full-sized tube uses the same application method. All in all, this is a beautiful gloss with some extra perks, and not a bad investment at $19. Available at Urban Decay and Sephora.

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10. Nicely nude and sweetly sparkly. 

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  1. LOVE midnight cowboy. they used to make a nail polish in that color that i swore by, but i can't find it anywhere anymore... sigh...


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