Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Light Me Up Like an 80s Video!

Oh, Dear God in Heaven, I wish I had a use for this! You know how haunted houses sometimes have entire rooms that are nothing but black walls with black light eyes, hand prints, or "blood" spatters? Or, have you ever been on a ride at an amusement park (think: Fantasyland at Disney) and giggled because your white t-shirt and socks were glowing? Well, now you can enjoy that same effect on your face!
Okay, so when I put it like that, I'm less enthused...but you get my point, right? You can make your makeup black light reflective!! How freaking cool is that?!
I really am tickled by this Make Up For Ever Fluo Night Black Light Pigment. You see, you can either mix it with your makeup, hair gel, body lotion--whatever--or just paint it right on for black light effects. The thing is, in regular light, it's undetectable. That means you can do your make up for the dance club, drinks at a cool bar, or that crazy Halloween party before you go to work, run errands, or take a ride on public transportation without looking ridiculous. Seriously, this beats glitter hands down. I'm a little sick of looking like Glinda the Good Witch, and I'm sure Thomas would appreciate not finding little pink sparkles in his car after we go out. Plus, just look:
Photo Credit: The Look
MUFE Fluo Light Black Light Pigment is available exclusively at Sephora for $31. When I say it can be mixed with other makeup products, I mean it. Supposedly, it will not affect the color. Also, a damp brush is suggested for intensity and longevity. Have fun, and let me know if you try this out. I'd love to see some pictures!

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