Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Don't Fear the Reaper

When it comes to Trick or Treating, it's really all about the yard. Ask any kid, and they'll tell you that you skip the houses with no lights, hope someone's home at the places with a couple of jack-o-lanterns, and bee-line it to the "haunted" houses. Ghosts, cobwebs, blacklights, and interactive goodies attract trick or treaters like Jason to a Summer camp. Want the most jumpin' house in the 'hood (I am so sorry...I should never attempt to be "hip")? Try these surprisingly affordable options to instantly up your cool quotient.
Photo Credit: Halloween Forum

I adore this Scream telephone. ($24.99, Spirit Halloween) This "vintage" handset is motion-activated, so it rings whenever someone passes by. Pick up the receiver, and hear Ghostface say, "What's your favorite scary movie?" and much more! Keep it by the candy bucket to freak out some kiddies. Even better? Have a friend dress up as Ghostface and pop out with a cellphone!

Photo Credit: Target
This little Reaper packs a huge punch, and you won't believe the price! ($20.00, Target) At around two feet tall, this reaper is the perfect height to frighten all of your tiny terrors. Lay him behind some dollar store headstones, or fashion a coffin out of cardboard. Either way, when he pops up and screams, your house will instantly become the center of attention! (And, as I have one of these guys in my dining room now, I can personally attest to his scream. It will be heard. No doubt. Also, he's super lightweight, so easy to carry. Just don't put him outside until time for trick or treating.)

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