Friday, October 21, 2011

The 2nd Annual Obligatory Twilight Post

Coke or Pepsi? Around here, that question not only determines what drink goes into your cup, but can actually factor into friendships, jobs, and possibly who you'll eventually marry. I kid you not.

Liberal or Conservative? Again, a polarizing question that can have major consequences if your views don't mesh with someone else's.

Boxers or Briefs? Not necessarily polarizing, but incredibly personal, and quite frankly, a little bit rude. Seriously, if you have to ask, you don't need to know.

When I write this blog, I try extremely hard not to write anything that could possibly offend anyone. That's not to say that I write pithy product reviews to keep companies happy--anyone who's read this blog for any length of time knows that I hold no punches! What I mean is that I try to avoid anything too controversial. This is a fun, safe place to visit. We're here to discuss makeup, fashion, pop culture, and all things cute and adorable (hence the name of the blog). There's no need to delve into anything ultra-personal or divisive...

...except for Twilight.

Twilight is that rare bird that touches all of the subjects we discuss here. There's Twilight makeup, Twilight clothing, Twilight movies and books, Twilight action figures...the list goes on. It's everywhere, and on top of that, it's Halloween, so it has to be addressed on the blog. Unfortunately, people tend to either really, really love Twilight, or really, really hate Twilight. There is practically no middle ground. You either want to stake Edward or marry him, end of story.

With that, I will not divulge my feelings toward the franchise or its characters. I am simply going to present to you with some stuff I found that you may or may not wish to either peruse or destroy. It's up to you. Just keep it clean in the comments, okay?

So, last year, we talked about glitter options and DuWop's Twilight Lip Venom. This year, we're focusing on supporting character, Alice.

First up, here's a really well-done, easy-to-follow makeup tutorial for an "Alice Cullen" look by Pixiewoo. In it, you'll see some really good tips, like remembering your ears and covering redness. The young lady in the video uses Make Up For Ever, but you can use whatever brands you prefer. Even if you hate Twilight, watch this for the eye makeup. It's amazing, and really easy to do.

GAH!!! The Embed Code didn't work!!! You can view the tutorial here!

I am now addicted to the Pixiwoo channel. I hope you're all happy. My productivity is shot for the rest of th--oooh, look! A Corpse Bride tutorial!!

Yeah...this could be bad..., I found a beautiful, Alice-inspired palette from the DuWop Luna Twilight collection. It's a mini-palette (about the size of a credit card), but it packs a big punch with two coordinating eye shadows (silver and blue), two lip glosses (bright pink and hot pink), and a pinky-beige blush. Other palettes are available for fans of Victoria, Rosalie, and Bella (my personal favorite of the palettes), and all can be found at a fantastic discount at Beauty Ticket. The regular price is $28, and Alice is priced at only $16. Plus, right now you can save an extra 15% with the coupon code Halloween15.

I hope at least a few of you found this helpful. If there's something else in the Twilight world you'd like to see covered, please let me know in the comments. If there's not...well, then please remember to play nice. Thanks!

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