Thursday, October 13, 2011

So...You Like Guys With Large Mandibles?

Photo Credit: Fighting Owl Films
Why are people so afraid of skulls? I mean, yeah, sure, they are the universally recognized symbol for poison...which is bad. And, okay, pirates flew the Jolly Roger as a warning and a threat...which is also bad. And, fine, I'll admit that if I found myself chasing around an archaeologist with a penchant for trouble and a love of fedoras, and I found myself face to face with a skull (crystal, impaled, or otherwise), I would probably rethink the choices that brought me to that moment...again, bad, I know.
Photo Credit: Fighting Owl Films
The thing is, I kind of like them. I got used to skulls working on The Night Shift, and there was absolutely nothing scary about Herbie or his stunt double, Bernie.
 Heck, when they were mounted on their torsos, I carried them around on my hip like a couple of two year-olds, and frankly, I find two year-olds more frightening. I don't know how many of you have seen or plan to see the movie (*cough* coming to video October 25th, and available at Walmart and Amazon *cough*), but the skull I know is sweet natured, witty, a little cocky--but endearingly so--and completely dapper. I can totally believe that he was a great lover, in his day, and look forward to the world getting to know our man Herb.
Skull Charm Necklace by Soixante Neuf
Photo Credit: Open Sky
So, to celebrate the softer side of skulls, I have a couple of downright elegant offerings. The first is from Soixante Neuf, and right now, I can only find it at Open Sky. If you decide you want to buy this, you will need to register and join the site. It only takes a minute or two, and I even got a $10 credit just for signing up. Their price is $79 ($69, if you get and use your credit), and I think this piece is worth every penny. It's an 18-inch 14KT gold-filled chain with tiny, dangling gunmetal skulls. It's delicately feminine, with just the right amount of edge.
Next up is this ridiculously cool bracelet from Lei VanKash. Here, it's shown in both yellow and rose gold. Each bracelet is one colored string (your choice of color) and one skull. Skulls are also available in black oxidized and silver. $140, Bottica. See! Who knews skulls could be so stylish?
Skull Bracelet (Yellow gold)
Photo Credit: Bottica

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  1. definitely love the lady i keep seeing on my commute who works at a doctor's office somewhere in northwest DC. she wears scrubs with skulls on them. too fun.


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