Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Look At the Cute Brains! I Wanna Eat 'Em Up!

I saw this on Twitter today (courtesy of Jen Yates @cakewrecks. FOLLOW HER!), and had to share; partly because it's really cool, and partly because the author, Marc Brownlow, is just insanely talented.
first image
Photo Credit: MakeProjects
These are Halloween Skull Truffles, and they are too cute for words. Basically, it's a white chocolate skull with a bittersweet chocolate ganache center, and a candy coated walnut "brain". Folks, you have no idea how badly I want these. The thing is, cute as these little guys are, they're also completely handmade, right down to the mold that popped them out. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create the silicone mold, whip up a ganache, temper the white chocolate, cover the walnuts, and even pipe on extra brains. There's a tremendous amount of love and artistry in these sweets. Way to go, Marc!
Much as I'd like to, I have neither the time nor the skill to make my own silicone mold. I did find a pre-made one, though ($9.99, Scorpio Innovations). You'll need to fill the skulls differently (fill halfway with chocolate, set slightly, then add the ganache center and fill the rest of the way), and you'll have to cut off the tops of the skulls (carefully!), but it is a workable solution. Still, if you have the resources and a few empty hours, give making your own mold a try. Once you've mastered it, imagine the possibilities!
Photo Credit: ebay

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