Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gift Guide: Travelin' Man

My friend Chris says he reads this blog. Let's find out, shall we? (Hi, Chris!)

Chris started a new job recently, and it requires quite a bit of travel. Luckily, he's loving every minute of it, so I decided to put this gift guide together to celebrate his happiness with the new job. Also, I watched a re-run of Quantum Leap the other night, and this song--one of my all-time faves, believe it or not--was playing, and it's been stuck in my head ever since. You could view this as a way of exorcising it from my brain. Or not. Up to you.

In the spirit of Frugal Friday (yeah, I know, I posted that yesterday. Sue me), and an attempt to cut down on any shipping costs, all items are available at Walmart for either free site-to-store shipping, or low home delivery costs. If you're like me, every penny counts these days, so I try to help where I can.

Please note, this post is for the boys! So often, what's posted here is completely female-centric (it is a beauty blog written by a woman, so I guess that makes sense), but since it's the holiday season, I thought it might be nice to thake a minute or two to think about the special guys in our lives: husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and, of course, friends. At least, the ones you haven't throttled on Thanksgiving, anyway. They get something much nicer...moving on!

Photo Credit (All): Walmart
1. Travelon toiletry case. I love this case. First off, there is nothing even slightly girly about it. It's red, heavy duty, and made to take a beating (I'm looking at you, baggage claim). On top of that, it hangs up on the bathroom, so you don't have to waste any of that precious counter space in the minuscule hotel bathroom. Best of all, it's built so that bottles can sit upright. I can't tell you how many spilt bottles I've had to clean up after. Heck, I may get one if these for myself. $29.99.

2. Axe gift bundle. Well, you have to have something to put in the case, right? This pack comes with body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body spray, and deodorant in your choice of scents (I like Cool Metal because, well, it looks like liquid metal). There's also a detailer and seven music downloads. $20.

3. Kensington noise-canceling headphones. What better to listen to those downloads with? After my last plane ride, I vowed to never again travel without my own headphones, and these even come with an airplane jack. Happy trails! $39.88.


  1. i don't remember if it was axe or the other brand, but our mutual friend with whom i lived before law school (AKA captain fastidious) used to drown himself in that stuff. you couldn't go in the bathroom for half an hour after that...

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